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96013 2/17/2017 Application of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-6,298 (1)(c) (Supp. 1995) to vehicles used in agricultural land treatment PDF icon 96013
17-001 1/10/2017 Authority of a Register of Deeds to Refuse to Record an Instrument or to Withdraw an Instrument After Recording PDF icon 17-001
16-012 11/4/2016 Whether the State Treasurer may loan funds to Gage County pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 13-918 to pay a judgment awarded to the "Beatrice 6" under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 PDF icon 16-012
16-011 10/12/2016 Allowance of an Additional Surcharge or Convenience Fee for Credit Card Payments Made Through Nebraska lnteractive's PayPort Point-of-Sale Payment System PDF icon 16-011
16-010 8/15/2016 Propriety of the Use of Tax Increment Financing for the Acquisition, Planning and Preparation for Development of Undeveloped Vacant Land Under Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 18-2123 (2012) PDF icon 16-010
16-009 7/8/2016 Whether "Dry Needling" is within the scope of practice of Nebraska physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers; Role and authority of professional licensing boards to advise practitioners as to scope of practice PDF icon 16-009
16-008 4/1/2016 Constitutionality of LB 830-Requiring Cash Payouts of Accrued Vacation Leave Which Exceeds Maximum Limits in Lieu of Forfeiture PDF icon 16-008
16-007 3/16/2016 Constitutionality of LB 717 - Use of 2015 Assessed Values of Real Property for the 2016 Tax Year, Amendment of the Definition of "Actual Value", and the Establishment of Statutory Criteria for the Measure of Central Tendency Used to Determine Acceptable Levels of Assessment for Real Property PDF icon 16-007
16-006 3/16/2016 Whether the Child Welfare Services Protection Act Proposed Under LB 975, as Amended, Violates State or Federal Law PDF icon 16-006
16-005 3/4/2016 Whether the Nebraska Legislature may permit the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System to contract for their own credit cards, charge cards, or debit cards, without utilizing the Nebraska State Treasurer's contract for such services PDF icon 16-005
16-004 2/22/2016 Whether L.B. 60 (2015) changes current law as it pertains to possession of firearms at a school PDF icon 16-004
16-003 2/16/2016 Whether Certain Nebraska State Fair Contracts Are Exempt from the Disclosure Requirements Under the Taxpayer Transparency Act, as Amended by LB 851 PDF icon 16-003
16-002 1/22/2016 Whether the Nebraska Brand Committee has statutory authority to vary the inspection fee and registered feedlot enrollment fee PDF icon 16-002
16-001 1/15/2016 Defining "Textbooks" for Purposes of the Textbook Loan Program PDF icon 16-001
15-018 12/17/2015 L.B. 338 - Imposition of a Docket Fee for Original Actions and Modifications for Child Support and Custody Filed by Never- Married Parents PDF icon 15-018
15-017 11/30/2015 Whether Legislation Requiring Fifty Percent of the Revenues Generated From School Lands, That Are Placed In the Temporary School Fund, Be Kept For the Benefit of the School District in Which It Was Produced Would Be Constitutional PDF icon 15-017
15-016 10/29/2015 Status of Omaha Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority as a Public, Private or "Hybrid" Entity PDF icon 15-016
15-015 10/27/2015 Reimbursement of Daily Parking Expenses of Public Service Commissioners While Working at the Commission's Lincoln Office PDF icon 15-015
15-014 10/20/2015 Authority of the Department of Correctional Services to Adopt Administrative Regulations Without Complying With Rulemaking Procedures Required Under the Administrative Procedure Act PDF icon 15-014
15-012 10/16/2015 Constitutionality of LB 232 - the Nebraska College Choice Grant Program PDF icon 15-012
15-013 10/16/2015 Whether enactment of LB 176, which proposes to exempt pork packers from the prohibition against vertical integration of livestock production and packing in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 54-2604 (2010), is necessary to prevent a violation of the dormant Commerce Clause created by the current statute PDF icon 15-013
15-011 9/10/2015 Constitutionality of Legislation Requiring Nonresident Drivers of Motor Vehicles to Carry Proof of Insurance or Financial Responsibility PDF icon 15-011
15-010 8/10/2015 Whether the State's contractor which operates is required to utilize the State's banking relationship in processing payments made through for services provided by State agencies PDF icon 15-010
15-009 6/19/2015 Authority of the Nebraska Public Service Commission to Establish Minimum Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Requirements for Contract Carriers Under L.B. 629, § 24, Which Exceed the Maximum Amounts Established in Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 44-6408(2) (2010) PDF icon 15-009
15-008 5/13/2015 LB 619 - Constitutionality of Legislation Defining Certain Forms of Poker as "Games of Skill" and Authorizing the Conduct of Poker Cash Games and Tournaments PDF icon 15-008
15-007 5/6/2015 Constitutionality of Oral Health Training and Services Fund Under Neb. Const. art. VII, § 11 PDF icon 15-007
15-006 5/5/2015 Parole eligibility for sentence to life in prison PDF icon 15-006
15-005 4/27/2015 LB 414- Interpretation of the Property Tax Exemption for Fraternal Benefit Societies PDF icon 15-005
15-004 3/9/2015 Interpretation of LB 70 as Amended - Imposition of an Additional Occupation Tax Under the Mechanical Amusement Device Tax Act for Certain Devices PDF icon 15-004
15-003 3/4/2015 Authority of the Nebraska Public Service Commission to Adopt a Regulation Requiring Minimum Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Motor Carriers of Railroad Train Crews in Excess of the Maximum Amounts Established in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-6408(2)(2010) PDF icon 15-003
15-002 2/17/2015 LB 280- Constitutionality of Reducing the Percentage of the Actual Value of Agricultural and Horticultural Land Used in Calculating State Aid Value Under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act PDF icon 15-002
15-001 2/3/2015 Authority Of A City To Amend An Economic Development Program Under The Local Option Economic Development Act PDF icon 15-001
13-001 6/27/2013 Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 8-157.01; Non-discriminatory Operation Of And Fees For Switches Used By Automatic Teller Machines And Other Equipment To Transmit Electronic Information For Financial Institutions In Nebraska PDF icon 13-001
12-009 5/3/2012 Protected Classes Under The State Civil Rights Statutes; Do Cities And Counties Have Statutory Authority To Create Protected Classes Not Listed In State Statute PDF icon 12-009
11005 9/27/2011 Legislative Term Limits; What Constitutes One-Half Of A Legislative Term Under Art. Ill,§ 12 (3) Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 11005
11004 9/12/2011 Computation of the Time Available for Public Service Commission Final Action on a General Rate Case Filing Under the State Natural Gas Regulation Act When a Jurisdictional Utility Files a General Rate Application Containing Notice of Its Intent Not to Participate in Negotiations with Affected Cities PDF icon 11004
11003 8/17/2011 Constitutionality of Nebraska's campaign public funding laws under Ariz. Free Enter. Club's Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett PDF icon 11003
11002 5/23/2011 Constitutionality Under Neb. Const. art. Ill,§ 24, of LB 256 PDF icon 11002
11001 3/31/2011 LB 54 - Whether Legislation Establishing the Base Year for Tax Increment Financing of Redevelopment Projects as the Year Prior to Commencement of Rehabilitation, Acquisition, or Redevelopment is Consistent with Neb. Const Art. VIII, § 12 PDF icon 11001
10011 12/9/2010 Eligibility Of Members Of The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission To Participate In The Nebraska State Insurance Program Which Provides Health Insurance Benefits To State Employees PDF icon 10011
10010 8/24/2010 Public Service Commission Jurisdiction Over Transportation Provided by Contractors Providing Services Under Contracts With the Department of Health and Human Services PDF icon 10010
10009 3/29/2010 LB 1102 - Constitutionality of Legislation Authorizing Wagering on "Historic Horseraces" PDF icon 10009
10008 3/26/2010 Concealed Handgun Permit Act; Municipal Regulation Of Concealed Handguns PDF icon 10008
10007 3/18/2010 The State Purchasing Card Program and requirements for its utilization by the University of Nebraska PDF icon 10007
10006 2/4/2010 Article XVI, § 1 Of The Nebraska Constitution; Authority Of The Nebraska Legislature To Submit Constitutional Amendments To The Electors Of The State At Special Elections After A General Election PDF icon 10006
10005 1/25/2010 Sale or transfer of carbon sequestration rights on land owned and managed by the Board of Educational Lands and Funds PDF icon 10005
10003 1/25/2010 LB 691 ; Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction Over Unlicensed Persons Who Engage in Activities Described in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-885.01 (2) PDF icon 10003
10004 1/25/2010 Whether Shipper License Fees Received By The Liquor Control Commission From Shippers Licensed Under Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 53-123.15(2) and 53-123.1 5(3) Should Be Deposited Into The General Fund Or Temporary School Fund PDF icon 10004
10002 1/8/2010 Elimination of the constitutional office of State Treasurer on a date that does not coincide with the end of an incumbent Treasurer's term of office PDF icon 10002
10001 1/5/2010 Permissible Names For Use On Candidate Filing Papers And On The Ballot In Nebraska PDF icon 10001
09013 11/17/2009 Federal Preemption Of Legislation Transferring Surcharge Monies In The Enhanced Wireless 911 Fund To The General Fund PDF icon 09013
09012 11/12/2009 Whether A Proposed Amendment To Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-612 (Supp. 2009) Is Within The Scope Of The Governor's Call For The First Special Session Of The One-Hundred-First Nebraska Legislature PDF icon 09012
09011 11/9/2009 Whether Various Legislative Bills Fall Within the Scope Of The Governor's Call For the Special Legislative Session Which Commenced On November 4, 2009 PDF icon 09011
09010 11/6/2009 LB 15 And The Scope Of The Governor's Call For The First Special Session Of The One-Hundred-First Nebraska Legislature PDF icon 09010
09009 8/17/2009 Increases in judicial compensation authorized by 2009 Neb. Laws LB 414, § 1 PDF icon 09009
09008 4/16/2009 LB 355; Constitutionality Of Exemption To The Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act For Cigar Bars Under Special Legislation And Vagueness Analysis PDF icon 09008
09006 4/15/2009 Can the State Foster Care Review Board Delegate Authority to Non-board Members to Visit and Observe Foster Care Facilities? Can the State Foster Care Review Board Create and Implement its own Rules, Regulations and Procedures? PDF icon 09006
09007 4/15/2009 Use of income from leases for electricity generation utililzing solar or wind energy and from the sale of carbon offset credits on unsold school lands under the management of the Board of Educational Lands and Funds to increase compensation paid to teachers PDF icon 09007
09005 2/9/2009 Scope of Practice for Physical Therapists PDF icon 09005
09004 2/3/2009 Whether the Board of Parole is Authorized to Place a Special Condition on the Parole of Inmates with Immigration Detainers that the Inmates/Parolees be Returned to the Custody of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Should They Not be Deported Pursuant to the Detainer PDF icon 09004
09003 1/27/2009 Whether motor vehicle registrations may be offered on, and whether a percentage-based fee may be charged for that service; Authority of the Nebraska State Records Board PDF icon 09003
09002 1/14/2009 Whether Training and Exercising by Volunteers for Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Are Immune from Liability under the Nebraska Emergency Management Act PDF icon 09002
09001 1/13/2009 Authority of local political subdivisions to prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns by permitholders under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act PDF icon 09001
08009 11/16/2008 Whether LB 3 is within the scope of the Governor's call for a special session of the Legislature relating to child abandonment PDF icon 08009
08008 11/14/2008 Whether certain proposed legislation is within the scope of the Governor's call for a special session of the Legislature relating to child abandonment PDF icon 08008
08007 10/3/2008 Whether the Nebraska fireworks statutes, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§28-1239.01, 28-1241 through 28-1250, and 28-1252 are preempted by federal law PDF icon 08007
08006 9/25/2008 Treatment of financing statements filed to perfect specific statutory liens as financing statements for agricultural liens under the Uniform Commercial Code PDF icon 08006
08005 6/16/2008 Whether the provisions of 2008 Neb. Laws LB 1096, § 4 are retroactive to include all qualifying funds collected by volunteer fire departments prior to the effective date of LB 1096, and if so, whether those funds collected prior to the effective date of LB 1096 may be claimed by the taxing authority supporting the volunteer fire department PDF icon 08005
08004 6/6/2008 Constitutional Rights Of Petition Circulators And Blockers On Private Property In Nebraska PDF icon 08004
08003 2/26/2008 Enforceability Of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 53-169.01 After Amendment Of That Section Was Found To Be Unconstitutional PDF icon 08003
08002 1/14/2008 If the Board of Parole is mandated to review cases annually if an offender was sentenced to the Department of Correctional Services prior to the statutory change in review schedule as set forth in LB 1241 of the 1986 Legislative session PDF icon 08002
08001 1/7/2008 Use of Construction Management at Risk Method by Community Colleges PDF icon 08001
07017 11/21/2007 Number of Hours That May Be Worked by Firefighters Assigned to Work Shifts of Less Than Twenty-four Hours Under Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 35-302 (2004) PDF icon 07017
07016 9/24/2007 Nebraska State Historical Society; Application of State Accounting and Budget Procedures to Miscellaneous Receipts and Expenditures of the Historical Society PDF icon 07016
07015 9/17/2007 (1) Whether Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-1001 requires brand inspectors to work a forty-hour work week. (2) Whether it is possible for on-call hours to satisfy Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-1001, even though they do not satisfy wage and hour laws. (3) Whether the Legislature could pass a law applying only to the Brand Committee that would exempt it from § 84-1001 (1) PDF icon 07015
07014 6/14/2007 Nebraska Veterans' Aid Fund; Investment Authority of the State Investment Officer and the Nebraska Investment Council PDF icon 07014
07013 6/12/2007 Authority of Nebraska State Patrol to Issue Administrative Subpoenas to Obtain Electronic Records of Subscriber Information Which Does Not Include Content from Providers of Electronic Communication Services PDF icon 07013
07012 5/29/2007 Final Reading Version Of LB 395; Legal Issues Involving A Statewide Smoking Ban PDF icon 07012
07011 5/10/2007 LB 198; Constitutionality Of Restrictions On Dissemination Of Prerecorded Political Messages And Political Messages Sent Using Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices PDF icon 07011
07010 4/26/2007 Constitutionality of AM 826 to LB 658 Relating to the Reestablishment of Class I School Districts PDF icon 07010
07009 4/10/2007 Credit Unions: Preemption of State Law By Regulation of the National Credit Union Administration PDF icon 07009
07008 4/4/2007 Continued validity of Op. Att'y Gen. No. 93009 (February 19, 1993); Constitutionality of "fair share" payments by non-union employees under art. XV, § 13 of the Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 07008
07007 2/27/2007 Statute of Limitations for claims filed under the Miscellaneous Claims Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-8,294 to 81-8,301 (2003). PDF icon 07007
07006 2/20/2007 LB 39 - Constitutionality of Prohibition Against the Payment of Petition Circulators Based on the Number of Signatures Collected PDF icon 07006
07005 2/15/2007 Whether the Omaha Tribe's Alcoholic Beverage Control Title, Title 8 of the Omaha Tribal Code, impairs the power of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to regulate the sale and distribution of alcohol on tribal lands; Whether the City of Pender and certain land near Pender are part of the Omaha Indian Reservation PDF icon 07005
07004 2/9/2007 Authority Of The Legislative Performance Audit Committee To Review Agency Records Subject To The Attorney/Client Privilege PDF icon 07004
07003 2/8/2007 State Investment Council and State Treasurer; Policy for Distribution of Interest, Premiums, Dividends, Capital Gains, or Other Income for the Nebraska Veteran's Aid Fund, the Nebraska Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund, the Bessey Memorial Fund, the Nebraska Environmental Endowment Fund, the Permanent School Endowment Fund, the Normal School Endowment Fund, and the Agricultural Endowment Fund PDF icon 07003
07002 1/24/2007 Unlicensed Assistants Under the Nebraska Veterinary Practice Act PDF icon 07002
07001 1/16/2007 Constitutionality of audiovisual court appearances conducted without a written waiver PDF icon 07001
06015 11/21/2006 "Notice of Risks" Requirement Contained in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-3522, as amended by 2006 Neb. Laws, LB 875 PDF icon 06015
06014 11/9/2006 Whether the general statutes of Nebraska pertaining to the treatment and disposition of dead bodies and cemeteries prohibit the reburial of Native American skeletal remains on private or state land within the State of Nebraska with the consent of the landowner, where reburial is done pursuant to the provisions of the Unmarked Human Burial Site and Skeletal Remains Protection Act of 1989, Neb. Rev. Stat.§§ 12-1201 through 12-1212, and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990, 25 U.S.C. §§ 3001 through 3013? PDF icon 06014
06013 10/20/2006 Nebraska's Ability to Withdraw from Platte River Recovery Implementation Program Cooperative Agreement PDF icon 06013
06012 8/28/2006 Whether In Light of Equal Protection Concerns, It Would Be "Prudent" to Delete the "Notice Of Risks" Requirement Added To Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-3522 (2004) By LB 875 In 2006 PDF icon 06012
06011 7/20/2006 Whether the statutory change sought by LB 563, 99th Legislature, is necessary to put the State of Nebraska in conformity with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's final regulations, 27 CFR Parts 7 and 25, related to flavored malt beverages (FMBs) PDF icon 06011
06010 7/10/2006 Facial Unconstitutionality of 2006 Initiative Petitions Related to Gambling PDF icon 06010
06009 7/5/2006 Oversight of Providers of Continuing Education for Appraisers PDF icon 06009
06007 5/25/2006 Whether the original bill of sale must be filed with the Brand Committee, in order to satisfy the requirements of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 54-1,111 of the Nebraska Brand Act and whether the Brand Committee should accept copies or facsimiles in satisfaction of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 54-1,111 PDF icon 06007
06008 5/25/2006 Whether the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center is Obligated to Provide Initial Training for Jail Staff as Such Training is Required by Chapter 2, § 003.02 of the Standards for Jail Facilities Promulgated by the Nebraska Jail Standards Board PDF icon 06008
06006 4/12/2006 Whether a Discount Offered by a Cigarette Manufacturer to Wholesale Customers Paying Invoices by Electronic Funds Transfer Qualifies as a "Discount for Cash Afforded for Prompt Payment" Which Should be Subtracted from the "Basic Cost of Cigarettes" under the Nebraska Unfair Cigarette Sales Act, Even Though the Manufacturer Does Not Offer the Same Discount to Wholesalers That Are Not Customers Because They Do Not Qualify for the Manufacturer's Direct Sales Program PDF icon 06006
06005 3/14/2006 Use of Tax Exempt License Plates PDF icon 06005
06004 1/9/2006 Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems; Entitlement to Dividend Disbursements in Cash Balance Benefit Plans in the State and County Employees Retirement Systems PDF icon 06004
06003 1/9/2006 Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems; Authority of the Public Employees Retirement Board to Issue Dividends in Cash Balance Benefit Plans of the State and County Employees Retirement Systems PDF icon 06003
06001 1/3/2006 Whether the Department of Correctional Services Can Authorize Withholding of a Percentage of Wages Paid to Inmates on Work Release for Deposit Into the Victim's Compensation Fund PDF icon 06001
06002 1/3/2006 Whether a Farm Winery licensee (ClassY) can obtain a retail license in addition to its existing license to sell liquor product not produced at the winery PDF icon 06002
05014 11/19/2005 Applicability of the Open Meetings Act to Appeal Hearings Conducted by the Veterans' Advisory Commission PDF icon 05014
05013 10/4/2005 Retention of Passport Execution Fees By Clerk of the District Court PDF icon 05013
05012 9/2/2005 Approval Of Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits PDF icon 05012
05011 7/22/2005 Whether the State Ombudsman Is Entitled to Inspect and Examine Presentence Investigation Reports that Are Incorporated into Inmate Files Maintained in the Custody of the Department of Correctional Services PDF icon 05011
05010 7/6/2005 Does the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC) Have Jurisdiction to lnvestigate a Claim of Housing Discrimination When the Complainant Has Signed a Release Releasing the Respondent From All Allegations Made by the Complainant Regarding His/Her Tenancy Including Any Subsequent Allegations of Discrimination? PDF icon 05010
05009 5/18/2005 Whether the Additional State Lottery Fund Distributions to the Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund Proposed in LB 332, or as Amended by Pending AM0795 or AM1338, Contravene the Distribution Scheme Established in Neb. Const. art. Ill, § 24 PDF icon 05009
05008 5/12/2005 Sale or Lease of the Hastings Correctional Center to a Private Contractor PDF icon 05008
05007 4/12/2005 Operation Of A Public Board - Number Of Votes Required To Adopt A Measure; Abstention And Recusal Due To A Conflict Of Interest, And Their Effect On The Presence Of A Quorum PDF icon 05007
05006 3/8/2005 Investment Authority of Cities of the Primary Class to Make De Minimus Investments in Federally Regulated Funds and Securities Under Applicable State Law PDF icon 05006
05004 3/2/2005 The Issue of Restoration of Firearms Rights to Individuals Who Have Been Convicted of the Misdemeanor Offense of Domestic Assault PDF icon 05004
05005 3/2/2005 Whether Licensed Electricians Have the Authority to Design, Plan, Lay Out and Supervise Electrical Installations Performed for Another, for Electrical Light, Heat, Power, and Other Purposes PDF icon 05005
05003 2/24/2005 Whether the Nebraska Board of Parole Can Allow Parole Officers From Outside of Lincoln to Testify Via Telephone Conference at Review of Parole Hearings (Revocation Hearings) PDF icon 05003
05002 2/17/2005 Constitutionality of Proposed Amendment to Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 32-561; Simultaneous Service in the Legislature and in the Military PDF icon 05002
05001 1/12/2005 (1) Whether the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board may invest the Nebraska Environmental Endowment Fund in a portfolio which contains investments which may return capital gains or dividends. (2) Whether the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board may allocate earnings of the Nebraska Environmental Endowment Fund which are not interest income, but instead are capital gains or dividends, pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §81 -15,174.01 PDF icon 05001
04030 12/27/2004 Briefing Materials And Legal Memoranda Filed With A Court As Public Records PDF icon 04030
04029 12/21/2004 Amendment to Opinion Number 03017, Interpretation of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 71-7606(3) As It Relates To Grant Awarded From The Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund PDF icon 04029
04028 10/27/2004 Authority of the State Records Board to Approve Surcharge or Convenience Fees on Electronic Payments for Electronic Access to Public Records PDF icon 04028
04027 10/20/2004 Application Of The Nebraska Open Meetings Act To A Workshop Conducted By The Board of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska PDF icon 04027
04026 9/10/2004 Interpretation of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 71-1,104.01 Pertaining to Predictive Genetic Testing PDF icon 04026
04025 9/7/2004 Requiring Social Security Numbers On Applications For Licensing By The State Electrical Board PDF icon 04025
04024 9/7/2004 PURPA's Applicability To Nebraska Electric Utilities and Its Impact On Nebraska Power Review Board's Authority Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 70-1014 To Consider Applications To Construct Or Install Small Power Production Facilities PDF icon 04024
04023 8/18/2004 Judges Retirement Act; Operative date(s) of the 2004 Neb. Laws LB 1097 Amendments PDF icon 04023
04022 8/14/2004 Authority Of The Legislature's Performance Audit Committee To Review Confidential Records In Connection With A Performance Audit Of A State Agency PDF icon 04022
04021 8/2/2004 Authority Of The Governor To Conform Certain Nebraska Government Procurement Procedures To The Provisions Of The Agreement On Government Procurement Under The Auspices Of The World Trade Organization PDF icon 04021
04020 6/1/2004 Authority of Real Estate Appraiser Board to Assign Administration of Appraisal Review Aspect of Board 's Licensing Function to an Independent Appraisal Broker PDF icon 04020
04019 4/26/2004 Whether a veteran who was given a "general discharge" would be eligible for a lifetime hunting and fishing permit issued by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission under Neb. Rev. Stat. §37-420 PDF icon 04019
04018 4/20/2004 Release of Information on Death Certificates; HIPAA PDF icon 04018
04017 4/20/2004 Authority Of Filing Officers To Refuse To File Financing Statements Under The Uniform Commercial Code PDF icon 04017
04016 4/14/2004 The Application of Nebraska Statute § 81-8,239.08 to Psychologist PDF icon 04016
04015 4/7/2004 Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 47-111 (1998) And § 004.02A Of Chapter 2 Of The Nebraska Jail Standards, 81 NAC 2, § 004.02A; Supervision Of Female Prisoners By Male Corrections Personnel. PDF icon 04015
04014 4/2/2004 Whether LB 855 contains unconstitutionally vague language; creates a jurisdictional conflict; and is usurped by existing state law(s) PDF icon 04014
04013 3/30/2004 Constitutionality of Amendment 2502 to LB 599 - Grant of Authority to Board of Engineers and Architects to Increase Statutory Exemptions from the Engineers and Architects Act PDF icon 04013
04012 3/29/2004 Clarification of Statutory Definition of Honorable Discharge in Determining Eligibility for Nebraska Veterans' Benefits PDF icon 04012
04009 3/25/2004 Constitutionality of adding a "Danger to the Community" condition to Nebraska's Bail Statutes PDF icon 04009
04008 3/25/2004 Constitutionality of LB 657 - Surcharge on Electricity Subscribers to Fund Payment of Judgment or Settlement of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Litigation PDF icon 04008
04010 3/25/2004 Whether LB 1065 and LB 479, as Amended, Unconstitutionally Impair Contractual Obligations Between the State and Ethanol Producers PDF icon 04010
04011 3/25/2004 Whether recreational vehicle park services provided by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission are subject to sales tax pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §77 -2701.16 PDF icon 04011
04007 3/8/2004 LB 1179; Circumvention Of The Public Meetings Statutes By Electronic Communication; Electronic Communications As Public Records PDF icon 04007
04006 2/24/2004 Whether, Pursuant to the Nebraska Fair Housing Act, It Is Appropriate For the NEOC to Negotiate Fines, Some of Which Are Paid to Organizations Beyond the Control of State Government or Whether These Monies Should Be Received, Accounted For, and Disbursed Like Other State Monies? PDF icon 04006
04005 2/6/2004 Whether Application of Amendment to Definition of "New Ethanol Facility" to Existing Ethanol Production Agreements Unconstitutionally Impairs Contractual Obligations PDF icon 04005
04004 2/4/2004 The Constitutionality of Legislation Proposed in LB 660, with AM0301, and LB 709, Requiring the Legislature to Provide Adequate Funding for Mandated Programs and Activities PDF icon 04004
04003 2/2/2004 Whether LR4CA, a proposed amendment to the Nebraska Constitution regarding hunting, fishing, and trapping, will have an affect on the Nebraska Constitution and various existing statutes PDF icon 04003
04002 1/29/2004 Whether Legislation Establishing an Authority Empowered to Acquire and Operate a Statewide Communication System for Public Safety Agencies, Which is Authorized to Issue Bonds to Finance the System, Impermissibly Allows the Creation of State Indebtedness in Excess of the Limit in Neb. Const. art. XIII,§ 1 PDF icon 04002
04001 1/22/2004 Titling of Continuation Vehicles PDF icon 04001
03028 12/22/2003 Salaries of Probation Officers, LB 789 PDF icon 03028
03027 12/12/2003 Whether Counties, as "political subdivisions" contracting with state agencies to provide health and human services, are in the Public Counsel's jurisdiction PDF icon 03027
03027 12/12/2003 Whether Counties, as "political subdivisions" contracting with state agencies to provide health and human services, are in the Public Counsel's jurisdiction PDF icon 03027
03026 12/5/2003 Authority of an "Acquisition Agency" Established Pursuant to the Nebraska Public Safety Wireless Communication System Act to Exercise Eminent Domain Power PDF icon 03026
03025 11/26/2003 Whether the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board has the authority, pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §§81 -15, 167 through 81 -15,176, to advise the Legislature and more specifically, whether it has the authority to lobby PDF icon 03025
03024 11/4/2003 Application Procedures For Judicial Retirement And Complaints Against A Judge Before The Nebraska Commission On Judicial Qualifications; 2003 Neb. Laws LB 320, AM 2003 PDF icon 03024
03023 10/6/2003 Legality of a Proposed Business Structure for an Integrated Biorefinery Complex as it pertains to Article XII , Section 8 of the Nebraska Constitution (Initiative 300) PDF icon 03023
03022 8/11/2003 Interpretation of Agency Regulatory Authority Involving Pesticides Used in Connection with M-44 Cyanide Capsules for the Control of Certain Predatory Wild Animals in Nebraska PDF icon 03022
03021 7/30/2003 Status of Members of the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission as Employees for Purposes of Eligibility for State Employment Benefits and Application of the Forty Hour Basic Work Week PDF icon 03021
03020 7/30/2003 The Constitutionality of Payments Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 2-1579 to Non-public Schools, or to Churches or Other Institutions That Might Be Considered "Religious Societies" in the Context of Article I, § 4 and Article VII, § 11 of the Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 03020
03019 7/9/2003 LB 320; Retirement Of A District Judge While A Complaint Is Pending Against Him Before The Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission; Duties Of The Court Administrator PDF icon 03019
03018 6/30/2003 Subpoena Power of State Fire Marshal PDF icon 03018
03017 6/4/2003 Interpretation of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 71-7606(3) As It Relates To Grant Awarded From The Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund PDF icon 03017
03016 5/19/2003 Federal Rural Economic Development Loan And Grant Program; Constitutionality Of Participation In The Grant Portion Of That Program By Public Power Districts Under Art. XIII , § 3 Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 03016
03015 5/14/2003 Whether The Sales Tax on Gross Income Received for Casino Advertising Proposed Under LB 759, as Amended, Violates the Guarantee of Freedom of Speech in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution PDF icon 03015
03014 5/14/2003 Application of Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 60-6,301 (5) (Supp. 2002) to vehicles hauling grass sod PDF icon 03014
03013 5/9/2003 Statutory Responsibility of Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission PDF icon 03013
03012 5/7/2003 Constitu tionality of AM 7091 to LB 667; More than One Subject PDF icon 03012
03011 5/7/2003 LB 762; Disposition Of Fines And Penalties Levied Under The Nebraska Campaign Finance Limitation Act Under Art. VII , § 5 Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 03011
03010 4/23/2003 Does the "Office of the Nebraska Capitol Commission" Proposed to be Created Under LB 755 Constitute an "Executive Office of the State" Under Neb. Const. art. IV,§ 27, Requiring Approval by a Two-Thirds Majority Vote of the Legislature? PDF icon 03010
03009 4/11/2003 Changing the Boundaries of Community College Areas PDF icon 03009
03008 4/9/2003 Competitive Bidding By Joint Entities Organized Under The Nebraska Public Safety Wireless Communication System Act PDF icon 03008
03007 3/25/2003 Special Designated Licenses PDF icon 03007
03006 3/21/2003 Municipal versus State Inspection of Medical Clinic Building owned by Nebraska Health System and which is to be built partly on land owned by the State and partly on private property, all within the city of Omaha PDF icon 03006
03005 3/10/2003 LR 16 CA; Application Of Art. II , § 1 Of The Nebraska Constitution To Employees Of A Political Subdivision PDF icon 03005
03004 3/10/2003 Compatibility of Legislation to Vest Rights in Domestic Partners and Neb. Const. Art. I, Section 29 PDF icon 03004
03003 3/7/2003 LB 550; LB 551; Termination Of Bridge Commissions For Interstate County Bridges And Transfer Of Their Duties PDF icon 03003
03002 3/6/2003 Constitutionality of LB 226, Reimbursement of Labor Organizations for Legal Representation in Grievance or Legal Actions by Nonmember Employees PDF icon 03002
03001 1/2/2003 Assessment of student learning and reporting of school district performance pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-760 PDF icon 03001
02009 3/25/2002 Authority of Tribal Police Officers Cross-Designated as Special Deputy State Sheriffs PDF icon 02009
02008 3/25/2002 Art. VII ,§ 3 Of The Nebraska Constitution; Service On The Nebraska State Board Of Education By A Person Who Is Employed As A Professional Educator In Another State PDF icon 02008
02007 3/4/2002 LB 961 And LB 1236; Changes In The Operation Of The Nebraska State Board Of Agriculture; Status Of The Board As A State Agency PDF icon 02007
02006 2/21/2002 Services for developmentally disabled individuals who have graduated from high school but not reached age 21 PDF icon 02006
02005 2/6/2002 County Assessor Certificates PDF icon 02005
02004 1/31/2002 Student Fees And The Right To Free Instruction In The Public Schools PDF icon 02004
02003 1/28/2002 LB 1257. Whether Legislative Redistricting May Be Done More Often Than Once After Each Federal Decennial Census PDF icon 02003
02002 1/16/2002 Applicability of the Nebraska Recreation Liability Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 37-729 through 37-736 (1998), to a city-owned skateboard park PDF icon 02002
02001 1/3/2002 Impact of Passage of Initiative Petition Measures Proposing to Amend the Nebraska Constitution to Authorize Video or Electronic Gambling Devices PDF icon 02001
01041 12/21/2001 Nebraska Pork Industry Development Act, LB 803 - Authority to Promulgate and Enforce Regulations, and Constitutionality PDF icon 01041
01040 12/17/2001 Constitutionality Of Legislation Which Would Terminate Current Terms Of Office For Members Of The Nebraska Board Of Educational Lands And Funds And Create New Terms Of Office For Members Of That Board PDF icon 01040
01039 12/11/2001 Authority to Regulate Use of the Term "Chiropractic Physician" PDF icon 01039
01038 11/28/2001 Status of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture as a state agency or private corporation; application of various state statutes to that Board PDF icon 01038
01037 11/27/2001 Crime Commission Study of Criminal Homicide Cases, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81 -1425 (Cum. Supp. 2000) PDF icon 01037
01036 11/21/2001 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1837; Money in Victim's Compensation Fund PDF icon 01036
01035 11/20/2001 Application of the Requirements of the Nebraska and County Budgets Acts to County Hospitals PDF icon 01035
01034 10/31/2001 Scope of Governor's Special Session Call; LB 6, LB 7 and LB 19 PDF icon 01034
01033 9/28/2001 Options available to the Legislature in reducing state aid for education in a special session called for the purpose of cutting the state budget PDF icon 01033
01032 9/14/2001 Authority of County Board to Retain Private Counsel to Represent the County in Actions Involving the Determination of Inheritance Taxes PDF icon 01032
01031 8/28/2001 Baled Tires PDF icon 01031
01030 8/9/2001 Constitutionality of LB 671 (2001 Legislative Session) PDF icon 01030
01029 8/2/2001 Photocopying Charges Under Nebraska Public Records Statutes PDF icon 01029
01028 7/27/2001 Application of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 72-2011 when processing a liquor license application in the Niobrara Scenic River Corridor PDF icon 01028
01027 7/26/2001 Operative Date of LB 536 (Neb. Laws 2001) - Amendments to the Ethanol Development Act PDF icon 01027
01026 7/24/2001 Clarification of Attorney General's Statement Submitted By Former Attorney General Clarence Meyers Dated September 19, 1973, As To What Is The State's Regulatory Authority To Enforce State Laws and Regulations Governing Discharges of Pollutants to Waters Within the Exterior Boundaries of Tribal Reservations, Specifically for Walthill and Pender, Nebraska PDF icon 01026
01025 6/28/2001 Whether Social Security Numbers are Required on Applications for Licenses and Permits issued by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission PDF icon 01025
01024 6/26/2001 Installation of new wiring for water wells PDF icon 01024
01023 6/26/2001 Printing Of Slip Laws; Effect Of Certain Line-item Vetoes By The Governor On Earmarking Appropriation Items PDF icon 01023
01022 6/14/2001 Grade Crossing Protection Fund PDF icon 01022
01021 5/18/2001 School Retirement System of the State of Nebraska; Administrative Duties Concerning Eligibility for Membership PDF icon 01021
01020 5/15/2001 Authority of the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects to Enforce the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act on Indian Lands PDF icon 01020
01019 5/8/2001 Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act: Does a release signed by an employee prohibit the employee from pursuing a pending charge against the employer? PDF icon 01019
01018 5/1/2001 Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act and the Nebraska Environmental Audit Laws PDF icon 01018
01017 4/19/2001 LB 536; Whether Legislation Creating Certain Ethanol Production Credits Is Special Legislation Under Art. III, § 18 Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 01017
01016 4/19/2001 LB555; Whether A Legislative Bill Which Requires Collection Of Decommissioning Costs For Nuclear Power Facilities From Customers Violates Constitutional Provisions Pertaining To Special Legislation, Separation Of Powers, Vested Rights, Impairment Of The Obligation Of Contracts Or Unconstitutional Taking PDF icon 01016
01015 4/16/2001 LB 804 PDF icon 01015
01014 4/11/2001 Nebraska Fair Housing Act, Section 20-326 (1 )(b)(ii): Can the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission make service of a charge of discrimination by publication? PDF icon 01014
01013 4/6/2001 Constitutionality of LB 600- Valuation of Agricultural and Horticultural Land for Property Tax Purposes Based on the "Capitalized Net Earning Capacity" of the Land as Used for Agricultural or Horticultural Purposes PDF icon 01013
01012 4/4/2001 Constitutionality of LB 664 which would amend The Intergovernmental Risk Management Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-4301 to§ 44-4339, to permit governmental entities to create pools to provide member coverage for employee health, dental, accident and life insurance in addition to property, liability and workers' compensation coverage PDF icon 01012
01011 3/23/2001 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 29-112.01 (1995) PDF icon 01011
01010 3/19/2001 SECTION 48-11 02(2) of the Fair Employment Practice Act: Are seasonal field inspectors employees or independent contractors? If they are employees, are they considered to be on the payroll for the entire crop growing season or only for the weeks they actually work? PDF icon 01010
01009 3/19/2001 Constitutionality of LB 671 (2001 Legislative Session) PDF icon 01009
01008 3/5/2001 LB 101; Whether Health Insurance Coverages And Premiums Are "Compensation" Within The Restrictions Of Art. III, § 19 Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 01008
01007 3/1/2001 Constitutionality of LB 587 and LB 592- "Agricultural Production Contract Unfair Practices Act" and "Agricultural Production Contract Act" PDF icon 01007
01003 2/12/2001 Authority of the State Fire Marshal Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-502 PDF icon 01003
01002 1/30/2001 Authority of the State Claims Board of the State of Nebraska to approve payment of invoices at least two years old which have been filed as Miscellaneous Claims pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 81-8, 296 (1996) PDF icon 01002
01001 1/12/2001 Proposed Legislation Exempting Insurance Providers From the Conditions of Disclosure Requirements Prescribed by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-2909 PDF icon 01001
00043 12/19/2000 Whether an individual who is a member of the State Board of Education can also be a member of the Omaha City Council PDF icon 00043
00042 12/5/2000 Federal Rural Economic Development Loan And Grant Program; Constitutionality Of The Use Of Zero-interest Loans By Public Power Districts For Rural Economic Development Under Art. XIII, § 3 Of The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 00042
00041 11/21/2000 The Application of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 71 -8401 et seq. (Supp. 1999) and Neb. Rev. Stat. § 83-178 Regarding Release of Inmate Medical Records to an Inmate upon Request PDF icon 00041
00040 11/15/2000 Whether a member of the State Board of Education can serve on other state commissions PDF icon 00040
00039 11/13/2000 Investigation and enforcement of alleged violations of Real Estate Appraiser Act involving § 76-2221(2) exception for realtors' price opinions PDF icon 00039
00037 10/20/2000 Whether applications for teaching and administrative certificates and other records received by the Department of Education as part of the certification process are public records which may be withheld from the public under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-712.05(5) as records which constitute a part of an examination or investigation or under any other exception PDF icon 00037
00036 10/10/2000 Use of CPA Designation and Related Phrases PDF icon 00036
00035 8/14/2000 State Funding for Local Law Enforcement on Tribal Lands PDF icon 00035
00034 8/7/2000 Is the State of Nebraska the Employer of a State Employee or is the Individual State Department, Board, or Commission the Employer? PDF icon 00034
00033 8/7/2000 Ethanol Production Credits- Expansion Gallons PDF icon 00033
00032 7/28/2000 Ownership of Firms Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §1-162.01 PDF icon 00032
00031 7/20/2000 Constitutionality of various requirements of the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Public Law 105-220 (Aug. 7, 1998), 29 U.S.C. § 2801, et seq. under the Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 00031
00030 6/20/2000 Nebraska Investment Council; Security Arrangements for Deposit of Public Funds, Designation of a Qualified Trustee PDF icon 00030
00029 6/7/2000 Constitutionality of LB 1432- "Agricultural Suppliers Lease Protection Act" PDF icon 00029
00028 6/5/2000 Nebraska Investment Council; Time Deposit Open Account, Statutory Requirements PDF icon 00028
00027 6/2/2000 Authority and responsibility of the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards regarding a request to grant a relaxation of minimum design standards on newly designated Banner County roads PDF icon 00027
00026 5/31/2000 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1505.04; Air Emission Fees PDF icon 00026
00025 5/17/2000 LB 1029; Pre-emption by OSHA Standards PDF icon 00025
00024 5/15/2000 Requirements for Real Estate Licensees with Regard to the Property Condition Disclosure Statement PDF icon 00024
00023 5/4/2000 Taxes on Property Assessed as Nebraska Property Prior to the Effective Date of the Missouri-Nebraska Boundary Compact PDF icon 00023
00022 4/4/2000 Access of Office of Public Counsel to Inmate Medical Records PDF icon 00022
00021 3/20/2000 Reconsideration and clarification of Op. Att'y Gen. No. 00010 on assessment testing of academic standards by the Nebraska Department of Education PDF icon 00021
00020 3/13/2000 Nebraska Investment Council; Bond and Security Requirements for Deposit of Public Funds PDF icon 00020
00019 3/9/2000 Appraisal Reports Used in Condemnation Proceedings PDF icon 00019
00018 3/9/2000 Legality of a Law Enforcement Officer Detaining a Person for a Reasonable Period of Time in Order to Effectuate the Service of a Protection Order PDF icon 00018
00017 3/1/2000 Can the Department of Correctional Services Enter Into An Arrangement With Habitat For Humanity to Allow Incarcerated Inmates to Assemble Components for Habitat For Humanity Homes? PDF icon 00017
00016 2/29/2000 Can the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission Delegate Its Authority to Enter a Final Order in a Public Hearing Case That is Before the Commission? PDF icon 00016
00015 2/28/2000 Neb. Rev. Stat. §23-1216 (1997) - Continuing Legal Education of Deputy County Attorneys PDF icon 00015
00014 2/28/2000 Constitutionality Under Neb. Canst. art. III, § 24, of LB 659 and LB 560 PDF icon 00014
00013 2/28/2000 Benetton Compensation to Death Row Inmate PDF icon 00013
00012 2/14/2000 LB 908-Unionization of Supreme Court Employees PDF icon 00012
00011 2/14/2000 Constitutionality of LB 729; Testing the legal sufficiency of initiative and referendum measures prior to their submission to the voters of Nebraska PDF icon 00011
00010 2/14/2000 Implementation of statewide assessment of academic standards by the Nebraska Department of Education PDF icon 00010
00009 2/14/2000 LB 1437- Family Farm and Ranch Transfer Act. Constitutionality and Applicability of this Act to Neb. Const. art. XII, § 8 PDF icon 00009
00008 2/11/2000 Neb. Rev. Stat. §54-2404(3)(c)(1999 Supp.); Authority of Department of Environmental Quality to Deny or Restrict Livestock Waste Control Facility Permits to Protect Cold Water Class A Streams PDF icon 00008
00007 2/11/2000 LB 1415; Associational Rights Of Charitable And Fraternal Organizations Under The First Amendment To The United States Constitution PDF icon 00007
00006 2/2/2000 Legality of a statutory ban on the use of tissue and organs from aborted human infants for research and experimentation PDF icon 00006
00005 1/19/2000 The Nebraska State Insurance Program, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 84-1601 through 84-1617 (1999); Legality Of The Current Practice Whereby The State Pays The Entire Cost Of Health Insurance Coverage For Married Couples When Both Spouses Are State Employees PDF icon 00005
00004 1/13/2000 Preemption Date for Federal "Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999" over "Nebraska Competitive Livestock Markets Act"; Delayed Implementation of "Nebraska Competitive Livestock Markets Act" PDF icon 00004
00003 1/10/2000 Open Enro llment for Medicare Supplemental Insurance PDF icon 00003
00002 1/5/2000 1999 Neb. Laws LB 637; Potential Legal Impediments To The Operation Of A Centralized Collection And Disbursement System For Child Support Payments By The Nebraska State Treasurer PDF icon 00002
00001 1/3/2000 Constitutionality of Proposed Legislation Authorizing the Prosecution of Traffic Light Signal Violations Based on Intersection Cameras PDF icon 00001
99052 12/8/1999 Necessity For An Increase In The State Treasurer's Appropriation Authority If The State Treasurer Is To Operate A New Centralized Collection And Disbursement System For Child Support Payments PDF icon 99052
99051 12/3/1999 Federal Pre-emption of Competitive Livestock Markets Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 54-2601 et. seq., and Effects Upon the Department of Agriculture's Duties and Responsibilities PDF icon 99051
99050 11/24/1999 Is a federal government employees' credit union a place of "public accommodation" within the meaning of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 20-133? Does the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission have jurisdiction to investigate a complaint against a federally owned credit union? PDF icon 99050
99049 11/24/1999 DNA Detection of Sexual and Violent Perpetrators Act PDF icon 99049
99048 11/17/1999 Proposed amendment to LB 523, the Nurse Licensure Compact PDF icon 99048
99046 11/15/1999 Whether the Department of Education's contested case hearings under the Administrative Procedure Act are subject to the requirements of the Public Meetings statutes PDF icon 99046
99047 11/15/1999 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1 325 (Cum. Supp. 1998); Application Of Statutory Provisions Pertaining To Sick Leave For State Employees To Members Of Boards And Commissions; Whether State Employees May Collect Portions Of Their Unused Sick Leave Benefits Upon Retirement On Multiple Occasions PDF icon 99047
99045 10/20/1999 Whether the original railroad right-of-way that is now used for the MoPac hiker-biker trail is "railbanked" under federal law PDF icon 99045
99044 10/7/1999 Collection of Delinquent Taxes on Mobile Homes or Improvements Located on Leased Land PDF icon 99044
99043 9/29/1999 Taxation of Motor Vehicles of Active Duty Military Personnel Stationed in Nebraska PDF icon 99043
99042 9/28/1999 Whether the Department of Correctional Services' Interpretation of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 83-1,107(1)(b) Regarding an Inmate's Intentional Failure to Comply with The Department-approved Personalized Program Plan Is Within the Meaning of § 83-1,107(1)(b) PDF icon 99042
99041 9/20/1999 Whether volunteer firefighters are entitled to benefits under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-115(3), if they incur injuries while responding to a call, but before they have vacated the premises where they received the call PDF icon 99041
99039 8/25/1999 Whether Filing Fees Due Counties Under Portions Of The Uniform Commercial Code Should Be Remitted To County Clerks And Registers Of Deeds Or To County Treasurers PDF icon 99039
99040 8/25/1999 The Statutory Authority of the Commission on Indian Affairs and the Nebraska State Historical Society to Act Under the Nebraska Unmarked Burial Sites Act and Skeletal Remains Protection Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 12-1201 through 12-1212 (1997) When Presented with Information that Local Political Subdivisions Have Approved of Changes in Zoning, Land Use or Subdivision Development on Areas that Are Known or Have an Extremely High Potential to Possess Unmarked Burial Sites PDF icon 99040
99038 8/23/1999 Authority of the Vacant Building and Excess Land Committee to Approve the Grant of Utility Easements to Political Subdivisions or Their Contractors PDF icon 99038
99035 8/16/1999 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-1501 (Cum. Supp. 1998); Is a member of the Omaha City Council an employee of a political subdivision for purposes of membership on the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Board? PDF icon 99035
99037 8/16/1999 Constitutionality of LB 452, introduced in the 1999 regular session. Whether it violates the prohibitions regarding the Legislature's binding of future Legislatures, and the incurring of state indebtedness exceeding one hundred thousand dollars in the aggregate PDF icon 99037
99036 8/16/1999 Application of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 53-177 to licensed premises near newly-located churches PDF icon 99036
99034 8/2/1999 State Patrol Access To Audit Reports Filed With The Auditor's Office By County Drug Law Enforcement And Education Fund Boards PDF icon 99034
99033 7/29/1999 Whether the Department of Health and Human Services Has Authority to Establish a Regulation That Would Allow the Reimbursement to Counties of Unrecovered Costs Associated With the Processing and Disbursement of Child Support Payments Based Upon Insufficient Fund Checks Received From Employers PDF icon 99033
99032 7/26/1999 1999 Neb. Laws LB 134; whether paid sick leave is available to state employees who are adoptive parents in certain circumstances PDF icon 99032
99031 7/23/1999 Necessity of Appropriation for Board of Educational Lands and Funds PDF icon 99031
99028 7/16/1999 LB 835 - COMPETITIVE LIVESTOCK MARKETS ACT. Effective date of contract requirements, and enforcement of livestock fee assessments PDF icon 99028
99030 7/16/1999 May the Jail Standards Board Waive Physical Plant Standards, or a Portion Thereof, That Were in Effect When a Criminal Detention Facility Was Constructed or Renovated, and Regulate the Facility Under the Specifications of Revised Physical Plant Standards? PDF icon 99030
99029 7/16/1999 Whether the Office of County Sheriff Can be Declared Vacant if a Sitting County Sheriff Will Not be Certified Within Eight Months of His Taking Office, as Required by Neb. Rev. Stat. 23-1701 .01 PDF icon 99029
99027 6/10/1999 Are Prison Inmates Working for a Private Venture Located at the Nebraska State Penitentiary Considered "Employees" Under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act? PDF icon 99027
99026 6/7/1999 Whether Acupuncture is Within the Scope of Practice of Chiropractors PDF icon 99026
99025 5/24/1999 Constitutionality of a legislative moratorium on the execution of judicially imposed death sentences PDF icon 99025
99024 5/17/1999 Poultry Processing Plants - Electrical Inspection PDF icon 99024
99023 5/13/1999 Whether the Arts and Humanities Focus Program of Lincoln Public Schools is a "school" within the meaning of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 53-177 or Commission Rule 237-LCC2-012.01 PDF icon 99023
99022 5/10/1999 Powers of the Director of the Department of Roads with respect to speed limits, pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-6, 190 (Cum. Supp. 1996) PDF icon 99022
99021 5/6/1999 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 66-1344( 4) - Calculation of ethanol production credits PDF icon 99021
99020 5/5/1999 Constitutionality Of LB 729; Whether Having The Secretary Of State Make Determinations As To The Constitutionality And Legality Of Initiative And Referendum Measures At The Beginning Of The Petition Process Violates The Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 99020
99019 5/3/1999 Whether separate odometer statements can continue to be used by dealers under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-135 (1998) PDF icon 99019
99018 4/26/1999 Amendment to LB 605 to provide for use of Ethanol Production Incentive Cash Fund for ethanol promotion and travel by the Governor to promote use of ethanol PDF icon 99018
99017 4/26/1999 Whether Legislative Bill 331, Which Gives the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court the Power to Prosecute Violations of the Workers' Compensation Act, Violates Article II, Section 1, the Separation of Powers Clause of the Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 99017
99016 4/26/1999 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-483 (1998); Fees for access to certain motor vehicle driver records PDF icon 99016
99015 4/20/1999 LB 574- Application to Roll-your-own tobacco PDF icon 99015
99014 4/8/1999 Constitutionality of LB 523; Whether Adoption of the Nurse Licensure Compact Would Constitute an Improper Delegation of Legislative Authority PDF icon 99014
99013 4/8/1999 Legal Questions Pertaining to the Pending Disciplinary Action Before the Nebraska Supreme Court Involving Jim Miller, Sarpy County Attorney PDF icon 99013
99012 3/18/1999 LB 407; Constitutionality Of A Proposed Child Support Commission Under The Separation Of Powers Provision Of The Nebraska Constitution; Art. II, § 1 PDF icon 99012
99011 3/18/1999 Acting State Investment Officer, Qualifications and Requirements PDF icon 99011
99010 3/18/1999 Use of CPA in Name of Limited Liability Company PDF icon 99010
99009 3/17/1999 Requirement of "Bypass" Utilization in the Administration of Title VI Federal Grant Program PDF icon 99009
99007 3/10/1999 Constitutionality Under Neb. Const. art. XII, § 8, of Amendments to the Statutes Governing Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships to Allow Certain Non-Family Versions ofThese Entities to Own Agricultural Land or Engage in Farming or Ranching PDF icon 99007
99008 3/10/1999 In the absence of a federal oxygenated gasoline requirement, is a state legally able to impose a standard that modifies generic gasoline and which may impede the marketing of this product in one or more states? PDF icon 99008
99006 2/26/1999 Disclosure Requirements for Real Estate Licensees PDF icon 99006
99005 2/22/1999 Selective Reduction Abortion - Insurance Coverage PDF icon 99005
99004 2/16/1999 Authority Of The State Records Board With Respect To Electronic Access To Motor Vehicle Records Through A Gateway; Neb . Rev . Stat . § 60 - 483 (4) (1998) and Neb. Rev. Stat . § 84 - 1205.03 (Cum. Supp. 1998) PDF icon 99004
99003 2/5/1999 Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems; Service Annuity Benefits for Members PDF icon 99003
99002 2/4/1999 Duty of Department of Correctional Services to Accept "Safekeeper" Inmates From Counties PDF icon 99002
99001 1/5/1999 Is the non-owner of a storage tank liable for filling a fertilizer or pesticide tank with chemicals that is not in compliance with Title 198 regulations or the Environmental Protection Act? PDF icon 99001
98049 12/7/1998 Undercover License Plates, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-304 PDF icon 98049
98050 12/7/1998 Credit Union Act; Formation of and Membership in Central Credit Unions PDF icon 98050
98048 11/18/1998 Whether Neb. Rev. Stat. § 3-239 Applies to County Airport Authorities PDF icon 98048
98047 11/5/1998 Operational Issues Related To The State Board Of Education's Duties Under The Federal "Goals 2000: Educate America Act" And The Federal "School-To-Work Opportunities Act of 1994" PDF icon 98047
98046 11/5/1998 Whether sign language interpreters may be subpoenaed and required to interpret before a court, and whether communication conveyed between a deaf person and a sign language interpreter can be considered privileged PDF icon 98046
98045 11/4/1998 Nebraska Public Meetings Statutes; Requirements For Detailed Minutes Of Closed Sessions Of A Public Body PDF icon 98045
98044 11/3/1998 Public Release of Criminal Histories by Law Enforcement Agencies PDF icon 98044
98043 10/27/1998 Uncashed State Warrants and Application of the Nebraska Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act in Particular Instances PDF icon 98043
98042 10/13/1998 Authority of the Public Employees Retirement Board to Suspend Retirement Benefit Payments; Internal Revenue Service Qualification Requirements for Retirement Plans PDF icon 98042
98041 9/28/1998 Filing Fees for Appeals to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 77 - 5013 (1996) PDF icon 98041
98040 9/17/1998 Constitutionality of Proposed Legislation Which Would Limit the Number of Sanitary Improvement District Board Members on a Particular SID Board to One Member Per Household PDF icon 98040
98039 9/4/1998 Fees of State Boards and Agencies; Appropriation to General Fund PDF icon 98039
98038 8/31/1998 Does a conflict of interest exist when the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission investigates complaints that are filed by the Fair Housing Center of Nebraska or in which the Fair Housing Center of Nebraska acts as an advocate for the complainant? PDF icon 98038
98036 8/31/1998 Tax Levy Authority of Political Subdivisions for Funding Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Programs PDF icon 98036
98035 8/24/1998 Deadline for Filing of County Petitions Seeking Adjustments to Classes or Subclasses of Property Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 77-1504.01 (Supp . 1997), as amended by 1998 Neb. Laws, LB 306 PDF icon 98035
98034 8/18/1998 Annual Certification of Firearms Training For Law Enforcement Officers Pursuant To Neb . Rev. Stat. § 81-1412 PDF icon 98034
98033 8/18/1998 Nebraska Dairy Industry Development Act PDF icon 98033
98032 8/5/1998 Insurance Benefits For Temporary Employees PDF icon 98032
98031 7/17/1998 Application of Motor Vehicle Implied Consent Laws to Minors PDF icon 98031
98030 7/17/1998 Unlawful Branding of Cattle PDF icon 98030
98028 6/24/1998 Return of Excess Veterans Aid Monies to the County Treasurer by the Veterans Service Committee or the Veterans Service Officer PDF icon 98028
98027 6/24/1998 Possession Requirements Under Nebraska Pawnbroker Statutes PDF icon 98027
98025 5/4/1998 Contract for Audit of Political Subdivisions; Payment of Audit Fees PDF icon 98025
98024 4/10/1998 Application of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32- 612(1) (Supp. 1997) and Change of Political Party Affiliation Timeframes to the Situation Where a Registered Voter Moves Out of a County and Wishes to File for Office as a Candidate of a Different Political Party in a New County PDF icon 98024
98023 4/8/1998 Legality of Prospective Appointments Submitted to the Legislature by the Governor PDF icon 98023
98022 4/8/1998 Constitutionality of LB 1126, the Buffer Strip Act; Unconstitutional Delegation of Legislative Authority to the Nebraska Pesticide Board PDF icon 98022
98021 3/30/1998 Constitutionality of Amendment Prohibiting Use of Public Trust Funds to Award Grants to Entities Providing Abortion-Related Services PDF icon 98021
98020 3/19/1998 Whether The Ponca Tribe Is Eligible To Receive Substance Abuse Funding From The Department Of Health and Human Services Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 71-5016 Through 5040 And Whether The Ponca Tribe May Enter Into An Agreement With HHS Pursuant To The State-Tribal Cooperative Agreements Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 13-1501 Through 13-1509 PDF icon 98020
98019 3/17/1998 LB 953; Constitutionality of a bill which would redefine "funeral establishment" PDF icon 98019
98018 3/10/1998 Eligibility for Compensation From the Crime Victim's Reparation Fund When a Person is Killed In a Motor Vehicle Accident, But the Operators of the Vehicles Involved are Not Charged With a Violation Specified in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1822. PDF icon 98018
98017 3/5/1998 Authority of the Nebraska Corn Board to Grant Refunds of Corn Checkoff Fees PDF icon 98017
98016 3/5/1998 Authority of County Board to Refund Property Taxes Following Judicial Decision Invalidating City Annexation Ordinance PDF icon 98016
98015 3/2/1998 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 55-160 (1993 ); Use of Vacation Leave During Emergency Military Duty by State Employees Who are also Members of the Nebraska National Guard PDF icon 98015
98014 2/20/1998 Child Pornography Prevention Act - constitutionality of proposed amendments PDF icon 98014
98013 2/18/1998 Determinate Sentences PDF icon 98013
98012 2/18/1998 Nebraska Veterans Homes; Admission Criteria PDF icon 98012
98011 2/17/1998 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 77-3444(3) (Supp 1997); Procedural Requirements for Town Meetings Where Certain Governmental Subdivisions Seek Voter Approval for Increased Property Tax Levies PDF icon 98011
98010 2/6/1998 Is Baker's Supermarket a Public Accommodation within the Meaning of Neb. Rev. Stat. 20-133? PDF icon 98010
98009 2/5/1998 County Veterans Service Officers; Private Financial Enterprises PDF icon 98009
98008 2/4/1998 Educational Service Unit Mergers; Effective Date of Merger Authority PDF icon 98008
98007 1/29/1998 Legislation to Amend Proposed Boundary Compact With Missouri PDF icon 98007
98006 1/22/1998 1997 Neb. Laws LB 70, Application of State Credit Card Requirements to the University of Nebraska, Authority of the University to Establish Banking Relationships PDF icon 98006
98005 1/20/1998 Imposition of Nebraska Cigarette Tax on Cigarettes Manufactured by the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Sold by the Tribe on Its Reservation in Nebraska PDF icon 98005
98004 1/16/1998 Disposing of Unclaimed Motor Vehicles and Recovering the Costs Associated with the Nebraska State Patrol's Seizure and Storage of Motor Vehicles PDF icon 98004
98003 1/14/1998 Constitutionality of Legislative Bill 650 Providing for Supplemental Retirement Benefits PDF icon 98003
98002 1/12/1998 Whether Legislation That Would Waive a Motor Vehicle Operator's License Fee for an Individual Agreeing to Become an Organ Donor is Permissible Under the Nebraska Revised Statutes and the United States Constitution PDF icon 98002
98001 1/5/1998 Whether or not Commission for the Hearing Impaired members are authorized by Neb . Rev. Stat. § 71- 4731 to conduct fundraising activities PDF icon 98001
97064 12/29/1997 Involuntary Antipsychotic Medication Hearings PDF icon 97064
97063 12/12/1997 State Holidays Created as a Result of Presidential Proclamation; Additional Compensation for State Employees Who Work on Paid State Holidays PDF icon 97063
97062 12/8/1997 Taxation of Real Property Owned by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska PDF icon 97062
97061 12/3/1997 Tribal police officer; Definition of Law Enforcement Officer under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1401 (Cum. Supp. 1996) as certified under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81 - 1414 (2) (Cum. Supp. 1996) PDF icon 97061
97060 12/2/1997 Powers of the Nebraska Department of Roads regarding public and private highway-rail grade crossings PDF icon 97060
97059 11/26/1997 Water Well Registration Fees PDF icon 97059
97007 11/15/1997 Nebraska Bank Holding Company Act of 1995; De Novo Formation of a National Bank by an Out-of-State Bank Holding Company PDF icon 97007
97058 11/12/1997 Constitutionality of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32-1303(2), Requiring Recall Petition Circulators to be Registered Voters PDF icon 97058
97057 10/29/1997 1997 Neb. Laws LB 256; Confidentiality of Information Pertaining to Undercover License Plates; Disclosure of Such Information in Audit Reports PDF icon 97057
97056 10/21/1997 Authority of a probation officer to take a juvenile into custody based upon a violation of probation PDF icon 97056
97055 10/20/1997 Application of the Nebraska Budget Act and Other Nebraska Statutes to the Activities of a Court-Appointed Receiver for a Bridge Commission PDF icon 97055
97054 10/15/1997 Application of Deposit Limitation Provisions of the Nebraska Bank Holding Company Act to Formation of De Novo National Banks in this State by Bank Holding Companies PDF icon 97054
97053 10/10/1997 DNA Detection of Sexual and Violent Perpetrators Act PDF icon 97053
97052 10/7/1997 1997 Neb. Laws LB 590; Amount of Fees for Electronic Access to Public Records; Necessity for Public Hearings on Such Fees PDF icon 97052
97051 10/6/1997 Constitutionality of Advances from the Federal Government to the State for Payment of Unemployment Compensation Benefits PDF icon 97051
97050 9/19/1997 Application of the Nebraska Public Meetings Statutes, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 84-1408 Through 84-1414 (1994, Cum. Supp. 1996), to an Appointment by the County Treasurer, County Clerk and County Attorney Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32-567 (Cum. Supp. 1996) to Fill a Vacancy on the County Board PDF icon 97050
97049 9/17/1997 Probationary Sentences for Fourth Offense DWI PDF icon 97049
97048 9/16/1997 Legality of Leasing State Right of Way Space Above Interstate 80 for Development of an Archway PDF icon 97048
97047 9/12/1997 Office of the County Comptroller; Counties Having Less than Three Hundred Thousand Inhabitants PDF icon 97047
97046 9/12/1997 Imposition of State Sanctions Against Employers Who Hire Illegal Aliens PDF icon 97046
97045 9/4/1997 Authority of Nebraska Public Power District to Provide Intrastate Telecommunications Services on a For-Hire Basis as a Contract Carrier PDF icon 97045
97044 8/27/1997 Constitutional Considerations When Drafting Legislation Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on Construction of Hog Confinement Facilities PDF icon 97044
97042 8/25/1997 Approval by the Governor of Assessments for the Nebraska Power Review Fund in Light of Existing Legislative Appropriations and Neb. Rev. Stat. § 70-1020 (1996) PDF icon 97042
97043 8/25/1997 Due Process Requirements PDF icon 97043
97041 8/15/1997 State Aid Certification Procedures; Effect of the 1997 Enactment of LB 595 and LB 713 PDF icon 97041
97040 8/7/1997 Qualifications for Appointment and Continued Membership on a Board When a Member's Qualifications Change During Office PDF icon 97040
97039 8/5/1997 Payment to Counties for Holding Inmates Convicted of Felonies PDF icon 97039
97038 8/5/1997 Amendment to the Campaign Finance Limitation Act PDF icon 97038
97037 7/3/1997 Does Federal Law Regulating Interstate Natural Gas and Gasoline Pipelines Preempt State Electrical Inspection Requirements of Pipeline Company Property Located in the State of Nebraska? PDF icon 97037
97036 6/30/1997 Neb. Const. art. XVIII -- Whether failure of legislators to support a proposed term limit provision constitutes violation of the legislators' oath of office under Neb. Const. art. XV, § 1 PDF icon 97036
97035 6/30/1997 Outdoor Addition to Licensed Premises PDF icon 97035
97034 6/13/1997 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 71-1721 (1996); Controlled Substance Prescribing Authority of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners PDF icon 97034
97033 6/9/1997 Definition of Public Records Under the Public Records Statutes, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 84-712 through 84-712.09 (1994, Cum. Supp. 1996), and the Exception to Disclosure for Proprietary or Commercial Information Contained in § 84-712.05(3) PDF icon 97033
97032 6/3/1997 Constitutionality of the Method for Distribution of Motor Vehicle Taxes Under LB 271, as amended PDF icon 97032
97031 5/30/1997 Whether § 253(a) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Which Prohibits State or Local Statutes or Regulations Prohibiting Entities from Providing Interstate or Intrastate "Telecommunications Service", Prevents the Legislature from Barring Public Power Districts from Providing Community Antenna Television Service PDF icon 97031
97030 5/29/1997 Immunity from State Taxation of Ho-Chunk, Inc., a For-Profit Corporation Chartered Under the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska Business Code and Owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska PDF icon 97030
97029 5/28/1997 Extent of Legislature's Power, Under Article VII, Section 1 of the Nebraska Constitution, to Provide for Free Instruction in the Common Schools PDF icon 97029
97028 5/13/1997 Dry Bean Resources Act - First Purchasers PDF icon 97028
97026 4/30/1997 Constitutionality of Legislative Bill 532 Providing for Adjusted Supplemental Retirement Benefits PDF icon 97026
97027 4/30/1997 Amendment FA125 to LB 280, Legitimization of Marriages Involving Underage Children Based Upon "Custom" PDF icon 97027
97025 4/11/1997 LB422 - Death Penalty Issues PDF icon 97025
97024 4/9/1997 State Aid Bridge Fund PDF icon 97024
97023 4/1/1997 Corn Board Membership Requirements PDF icon 97023
97022 3/31/1997 LB 799; Constitutionality of Appropriation to the Nebraska Arts Council to Fund the Public Portion of the Proposed Cultural Trust PDF icon 97022
97021 3/25/1997 LB 146; Legal effect in cases involving discipline of health care professionals PDF icon 97021
97020 3/12/1997 LB 755; Constitutionality of Proposed Appropriation of Funds for the Women In Military Service For America Memorial PDF icon 97020
97019 3/11/1997 State Employees Retirement System; Eligibility for Membership and Vesting Requirements PDF icon 97019
97018 3/11/1997 Legislative Authority to Restrict Certain Business Locations PDF icon 97018
97017 3/10/1997 LB 447; Whether the Term "Corporation" as Used in the Bill Includes Nonprofit Corporations PDF icon 97017
97016 3/6/1997 LB 100; Constitutionality of a bill which would specify that newspaper carriers are employees for purposes of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation statutes PDF icon 97016
97015 3/5/1997 LB 878; Constitutionality of a Buy-Out Program for State Employees PDF icon 97015
97014 2/24/1997 Constitutionality of LB 482 PDF icon 97014
97013 2/18/1997 Constitutionality Under Neb. Const. art . III, § 24, of LB 522 and LB 534 PDF icon 97013
97012 2/14/1997 Application of the Nebraska Public Meetings Statutes, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 84 - 1408 Through 84 - 1414 (1994, Cum. Supp. 1996), to Meetings of a County Hospital Authority Formed Under the Hospital Authorities Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 23-1379 Through 23-35,120 (1991, Cum. Supp. 1996) PDF icon 97012
97011 2/14/1997 Interlocal Cooperation Act; Membership and Authority of Joint Legal Entities PDF icon 97011
97010 2/11/1997 Authority to Pay Municipal Fees with Credit Cards PDF icon 97010
97009 1/28/1997 Nebraska Investment Council; Quorum to Conduct Business PDF icon 97009
97008 1/15/1997 Commission and approval of Commission minutes PDF icon 97008
97005 1/14/1997 New Good Time Law and Ex Post Facto Clause PDF icon 97005
97006 1/14/1997 Juvenile Evaluations/Placements PDF icon 97006
97004 1/13/1997 Operation of Pickle Card Dispensing Devices With Video Display Capability Under the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 9-301 to 9-356 (1991 and Cum. Supp. 1996) PDF icon 97004
97003 1/8/1997 Does the Exemption in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 76-2221(5) for Persons Rendering an Estimate of Real Estate Value for Tax Purposes Apply to Property Tax Consultants? PDF icon 97003
97002 1/8/1997 Buy-Outs for State Employees PDF icon 97002
97001 1/7/1997 Qualification of Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association to Conduct Licensed Horseracing in Nebraska PDF icon 97001
96056 7/25/1996 Extraterritorial Authority to Send Nebraska National Guard Personnel to Aid Civilian Authorities in Other States PDF icon 96056
96058 7/25/1996 Practice of Veterinary Medicine PDF icon 96058
96057 7/25/1996 Whether a Conflict Exists Between the Provisions of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-2106 and Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-839 PDF icon 96057
96055 7/24/1996 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-1117.02 (1994) and the Confidentiality of Data Maintained in Computer Files by the Department of Administrative Services PDF icon 96055
96054 7/22/1996 Effect of Adoption of Constututional Amendment Replacing State Board of Equalization and Assessment with the Tax Equalization and Review Commission on the Statewide Equalization Process for Tax Year 1996 PDF icon 96054
96053 7/22/1996 Constitutionality of Placing Descriptive Language on Ballots Regarding Candidates' Positions on Term Limits PDF icon 96053
96052 7/12/1996 Permit Requirements for Replacement Water Wells PDF icon 96052
96051 7/11/1996 Nebraska Attorney General Opinion #96021 Regarding Jurisdiction of Nebraska Public Service Commission Over Taxicab Service Between Epply Airport and Omaha, Nebraska PDF icon 96051
96050 6/21/1996 Constitutionality of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32-612 (3), (4) (Supp. 1994) (Anti-Fusion Provisions) PDF icon 96050
96041 5/16/1996 United States Postal Service; Effect of Classification Reform on Nebraska Statutes PDF icon 96041
96040 5/1/1996 Duty of State Board of Equalization and Assessment to Establish the "Variable" Fuel Excise Tax Rate Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 66-4,144(4) (Supp. 1995) PDF icon 96040
96039 4/30/1996 Permissibility of Service in the Nebraska National Guard by a Member of the Nebraska Legislature PDF icon 96039
96038 4/29/1996 Authority of DPI to Assess Patients and Relatives for Their Ability to Pay PDF icon 96038
96037 4/24/1996 Appropriation of funds for the Highway Commission to lobby the United States Congress PDF icon 96037
96036 4/16/1996 Reimbursement of the State General Fund for the Non-Highway Use Income Tax Credit Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 66-499 (Cum. Supp. 1994) and Neb. Rev. Stat. § 39-2115 (Supp. 1995) PDF icon 96036
96035 4/16/1996 Co-habitation by Parolees PDF icon 96035
96033 4/15/1996 Retirement System for Nebraska Counties; Eligibility for membership PDF icon 96033
96032 4/15/1996 Proper State Fund for Payment of Audit Fees Incurred in Connection With Outside Audits Under the Unclaimed Property Act PDF icon 96032
96031 4/15/1996 Application of Statutory Amendment to Existing Ethanol Production Credit Agreements PDF icon 96031
96034 4/15/1996 Access to records of travel and per diem reimbursement expenses of State Senators PDF icon 96034
96030 4/10/1996 Application of the 30 day response period of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-1118(3) PDF icon 96030
96029 4/9/1996 Constitutionality of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 83-1, 118(2) (1994) PDF icon 96029
96028 4/3/1996 Public Employees Retirement Systems; Disclosure of Medical Examination Reports and Information to Members PDF icon 96028
96027 4/3/1996 LB 1375; Constitutionality of a Proposed Procedure Whereby the Executive Board of the Legislative Council Would Approve Certain Contracts of State Agencies Which Relate to the Sale of Public Records for a Fee PDF icon 96027
96026 4/2/1996 Constitutionality of LB 1248 PDF icon 96026
96025 3/25/1996 Validity in Nebraska of Same-Sex Marriages Contracted in Another State PDF icon 96025
96024 3/20/1996 Whether a Constitutional Amendment is Necessary to Alter Nebraska's Current Form of County Governance PDF icon 96024
96023 3/18/1996 Restoration of Civil Rights PDF icon 96023
96022 3/12/1996 LB 1255, as amended - Eligibility of Racetracks to Conduct Interstate Simulcasting PDF icon 96022
96021 3/12/1996 Jurisdiction of Nebraska Public Service Commission Over Taxicab Service Between Eppley Airport and Omaha, Nebraska PDF icon 96021
96019 3/11/1996 Release of Patients Identities After the Patient Has Escaped or Walked Away PDF icon 96019
96020 3/11/1996 Continuing Eligibility for Service on the Nebraska Collection Agency Licensing Board; Removal from Office PDF icon 96020
96018 3/11/1996 LB 1276; Constitutionality of Classifications Established by the Museum Property Act Under Art. III, § 18 of the Nebraska Constitution PDF icon 96018
96017 3/1/1996 Brewpub Licenses PDF icon 96017
96016 2/29/1996 LR 41CA - Effect of Abolishing the Public Service Commission as a Constitutional Body PDF icon 96016
96015 2/27/1996 Applicability of the State Electrical Act to Work Performed by Contractors Hired by Telephone Communication Utilities PDF icon 96015
96014 2/27/1996 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 53-117 (1993) PDF icon 96014
96012 2/20/1996 Whether an assignment of an out-of-state certificate of title, issued in the name of A and B, A or B, or A and/or B, must be executed by all persons named in the certificate PDF icon 96012
96011 2/20/1996 Nebraska Public Service Commission Jurisdiction to Grant to a Railroad a Right to Use Trackage of Another Railroad PDF icon 96011
96010 2/2/1996 Legislation Authorizing the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality To Suspend Remedial Actions Involving Leaking Underground Storage Tanks PDF icon 96010
96009 2/1/1996 LB 69; Authority of County Boards Over the Election Commissioners in Those Counties Where the Election Commissioners are Currently Appointed by the Governor PDF icon 96009
96008 1/26/1996 Application of the County Levy Limits and Requirements for a Vote of the People Contained in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 23-120 (Supp. 1995) to Certain Proposed County Renovation Projects and Resultant Proposed Legislation PDF icon 96008
96007 1/23/1996 Constitutionality Under Neb. Const., art. III, § 24, of LB 915 PDF icon 96007
96006 1/23/1996 Application of the Exemption from Sales Tax for Medical Equipment Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 77-2704.09 (Cum. Supp. 1994) to Sales of Hearing Aid Batteries PDF icon 96006
96005 1/18/1996 Application of Various Nebraska Constitutional Provisions Regarding Amendments and Legislation to the Initiative and Referendum Process PDF icon 96005
96004 1/12/1996 Whether Members of the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Can Send Representatives to Participate in Their Place at Commission Meetings PDF icon 96004
96003 1/11/1996 School Bond Elections; Constitutionality of Proposal to Require Minimum Voter Participation in School Bond Elections and Proposal to Eliminate Special Elections PDF icon 96003
96002 1/10/1996 Impact of Proposed Legislative Change on Prosecutions Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-311.02 (Cum. Supp. 1994) PDF icon 96002
96001 1/5/1996 Neb. Rev. Stat. § 49-1201; Presumption of Mailing PDF icon 96001