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About the Task Force


Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force (NHTTF). The objectives are straight-forward:

  • Help the victims/survivors of trafficking
  • Stop the traffickers
  • Eliminate the market for human trafficking


The task force is establishing a state-wide, victim-centered system. Given this holistic approach to the issue, the task force involves not only law enforcement and prosecution, but also service providers, advocates, and community partners. 


Since 2016, the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force (NHTTF) has trained over 3,000 law enforcement and service provider personnel in its annual human trafficking seminars held at seven locations across the state. NHTTF has formed five regional teams, enhancing our ability to find and stop human trafficking in Nebraska. Furthermore, the task force coordinates service providers regionally across the state, so victims/survivors have a place to go no matter where they are when they finally escape their trafficker. 


NHTTF regional teams are established and engaged. They have conducted several pro-active operations across the state as well as investigated tips from vigilant Nebraska citizens who saw something that did not look right. These tips can turn into victim rescues and trafficker arrests. There are now ongoing investigations in various communities across Nebraska. 


Together, we are making Nebraska a safer place for friends and visitors. Trafficking that used to happen in the shadows is now being exposed and confronted. 




NHTTF 2018 at a Glance


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