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Ending trafficking involves everyone. In fact, there are two simple ways all Nebraskans can fight human trafficking  - by identifying and reporting it.

Pledge to learn the signs of trafficking and to report concerns of trafficking. Consider sharing your pledge using the social media banners below - you may inspire someone else to take these simple steps as well.

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Consider sharing the Human Trafficking Hotline number (1-888-373-7888) in your business or on your social media account. Someone else may find the help they need because you did.

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Victims are rescued, but where can they go to heal, and then thrive? Some places in Nebraska offer this but more are needed. Consider volunteering with a shelter or with those providing survivor programs.  Donate to them or hold a fundraiser for one.  Or start one!






Employers, offer jobs to survivors of trafficking. A steady job when they are ready is a central part of a survivor's flourishing.






Learn the signs of trafficking. And report when you see them. This is an important part to preventing trafficking. 

The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office has easily accessible adult and youth informational presentations online to help you learn more.

The Blue Campaign also provides toolkits for transportation industrieshospitality industry, faith-based/community settings, and colleges/universtities.