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Ending trafficking involves everyone. You can help fight human trafficking in Nebraska by learning how to identify and report it.

You can also attend an in-person training in your community to learn how to identify human trafficking. Additionally, presentations designed for adults and youth are available on our website to help you learn more.

The Blue Campaign also provides toolkits for transportation industrieshospitality industryfaith-based/community settings, and colleges/universtities.



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Consider sharing the Nebraska Human Trafficking Hotline number 1-833 PLS-LOOK (1-833-757-5665) in your business or on your social media account. 

Posters with the hotline are available for sharing as well. Physical copies can be requested from the Director of Communications, Suzanne Gage at Suzanne.Gage@Nebraska.gov

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There are established places in Nebraska offering support and answering needs for survivors of trafficking. Consider volunteering with a shelter or with those providing survivor programs.