Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Opinions

Opinions of the Attorney General are prepared in response to a specific legal question from a state agency or state official in instances where that agency or official has need of a legal opinion in the performance of their duties.  The Attorney General may provide an opinion to state legislators on a question relating to proposed or pending legislation, or when the opinion request “pertains directly to the performance of some function or duty by the Legislature itself.”  (Op. Att’y Gen. No. 157 (December 20, 1985) at 1.)  The Attorney General may also provide opinions to county attorneys when the question posed relates to “all criminal matters and in matters relating to the public revenue.”  Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-205(3) (2014).  Attorney General Opinions issued after 1989 are available below.

The Attorney General is not authorized to give opinions to local governmental officials or private citizens.

Number Date Title PDF
91010 2/11/1991 Community Services Block Grant Funding; Propriety of Legislation Specifying Formula PDF icon 91010
91011 2/12/1991 Issuance of Common Carrier Certificate or Contract Carrier Permit to Transportation Cooperative PDF icon 91011
91012 2/12/1991 Interpretation of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 2-3612 (Reissue 1987) as it relates to the filling of a vacated member-at-large position on the Nebraska Corn Development, Utilization & Marketing Board PDF icon 91012
91013 3/1/1991 Constitutional amendment to provide for recall of elected constitutional officers PDF icon 91013
91014 3/4/1991 LB 68; Constitutionality of a Bill That Would Require Payment of a Stipend to University Football Players in Light of Concerns Involving the Contingent Operation of the Bill and Vagueness PDF icon 91014
91015 3/5/1991 Constitutionality of LB 783, First Session, Ninety-Second Legislature, dealing with revitalizing, acquiring and operating light-density railroad lines by the state of Nebraska PDF icon 91015
91016 3/13/1991 Constitutionality of Service by Members of the Legislature on Commissions and Boards Which are Part of the Executive Branch of State Government PDF icon 91016
91017 3/18/1991 Distribution of Payments Based on Gross Revenues Made by Public Power Districts under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 70-651.04 (Reissue 1990) PDF icon 91017
91018 3/20/1991 Constitutionality of legislative act providing state income tax deductions for certain educational expenses incurred by individuals whose dependent(s) attend nonprofit public or private elementary or secondary schools in Nebraska PDF icon 91018
91019 3/21/1991 Constitutionality of LB 695, Authorizing refusal of motor vehicle registration due to outstanding distress warrants PDF icon 91019