Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Disposition Letters

2022 Disposition Letters

22-R-163; Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Andre R. Barry obo Anthem Healthy Blue, Petitioner 

22-R-161; Aurora Police Department; Jesse Stanley, Complainant 

22-R-160; Lancaster County Clerk; Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-R-157; Nebraska Department of Education; Joe Dejka, Omaha World-Herald, Petitioner

22-M-156; Gretna School Board; Adam Keske, Complainant

22-R-153; Dakota County Sheriff’s Office; Kevin Rohde, Petitioner

22-R-152; Lancaster County Election Commissioner; Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-R-151; Douglas County Attorney's Office; Matthew Pitzer, Petitioner

22-R-150; City of Omaha; M. Jones, Petitioner

22-R-148; Cass County Department of Corrections; Matthew Pitzer, Petitioner

22-R-147; Omaha Police Department; Matthew Pitzer, Petitioner

22-R-145; Douglas County Department of Corrections; Matthew Pitzer, Petitioner

22-R-142; Omaha Police Department; Melissa B. Jones, Petitioner

22-R-141; City of Omaha; Sheriff Tim Dunning, Petitioner 

22-R-140; City of Hastings; Paul Dietze, Petitioner

22-M-139; Village of Henry Board of Trustees; Mary Agnes Haagensen, Complainant

22-M-138 and 22-M-144; City of Sargent Health Board; Mark Koch, Complainant

22-R-136; Douglas County Sheriff; Kathleen M. Foster, Petitioner

22-R-135; University of Nebraska; John Caroff, Petitioner

22-R-134; Cherry County Board of Commissioners; Carolyn Semin, Complainant

22-R-133; University of Nebraska; Samuel W. Flint, Petitioner

22-R-131; Lancaster County Election Commissioner; Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-R-130; Lancaster County Election Commissioner; S. Wayne Smith, Petitioner

22-R-128; Bennington Public Schools; Craig l. Samuelson, Petitioner

22-R-127; Department of Health and Human Services; Lisa Leick, Petitioner

22-M-126; Nebraska Children’s Commission; Nathan Arentsen, Complainant

22-R-125; York Police Department; Marc Ronne, Petitioner

22-R-124; Lancaster County Election Commissioner, Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-M-123; Sargent City Council; Mark Koch, Complainant

22-R-122; Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Nebraska; Nathan Arentsen, Petitioner

22-R-121; Secretary of State; Susan Bliss, Petitioner

22-R-120; Lincoln Electric System; F. Gregory Hayden, Ph.D., Petitioner

22-M-118; Wauneta-Palisade Board of Education; Vanessa Fanning and James Majors, Complainants

22-R-116; City of Bellevue; W. Fletcher Reel, Nebraska Sunrise News, Petitioner

22-M-115; Knox County Sanitary and Improvement District  #2; Rodney Kinning, Complainant

22-R-111; Kimball County Clerk; David Hottell, Petitioner

22-M-110; Belvidere Village Board; Stephanie Friedley, Complainant

22-R-109; Norris School District 160; Conan Thomas, Petitioner

22-R-108; Lancaster County Records Administrator; Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-R-107; Secretary of State; Robert J. Borer, Petitioner

22-R-106; City of Omaha; Amy A. Miller on behalf of Elizabeth Anne Dorr, Petitioner

22-R-105; Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department; Elina Newman, Petitioner 

22-R-104; Richardson County Clerk; Lyle D. McMann, Petitioner

22-R-103; Falls City Police Department; Travis Thomas, Petitioner

22-R-102; Nebraska Department of Natural Resources; Fred Knapp, Petitioner

22-R-101; Department of Health and Human Services; Lisa Leick, Petitioner

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