Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Sandoval - Notice of Substances for Execution

LINCOLN - The Director of the Department of Correctional Services’ notice of substances to be used for the execution of Jose Sandoval was provided in accordance with the law.  Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson agrees with the notice that was given to Sandoval.  Sandoval planned the September 26, 2002, Norfolk bank robbery when, in less than a minute, five innocent people were brutally shot and killed.  Sandoval personally killed three people, two more people were killed, and three more people were in the midst of the gunfire that day.  Sandoval’s crimes were captured on video. 

The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld Sandoval’s convictions and death penalty sentences.  The United States Supreme Court then denied further review of Sandoval’s sentences.  Sandoval never filed any challenges to the Supreme Court decisions.  

The Attorney General’s Office is prepared to request the Nebraska Supreme Court to issue an execution warrant for the execution of Jose Sandoval after at least 60 days have elapsed.