Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Peterson Provides Opioid Update

 In June of 2017, the Nebraska State Attorney General announced participation in a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from across the country to evaluate whether manufacturers engaged in unlawful practices in the marketing, distribution, and sale of opioids. Later in September of 2017, the Office notified Nebraskans that the attorneys general served investigative subpoenas for documents and information and specifically named several of the entities.

Today, Attorney General Doug Peterson sent a letter to city and county officials updating them on the state’s efforts to reach resolution with the opioid manufacturers and distributors, following the consolidation of numerous city and county lawsuits in federal court in Ohio. At the encouragement of the Judge in Ohio, those efforts are ongoing.

The letter also alerted officials that the Attorney General will consider recovery for the whole state, making it unnecessary for municipal subdivisions to initiate legal action. According to the Attorney General, such lawsuits may actually delay Nebraska’s efforts to expedite recovery on behalf of its citizens.