Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

AGO Website Wins Waggy Award

Lincoln--The Nebraska Attorney General’s website has been awarded the WAGGY for "Best Overall Website" at the annual Conference for Western Attorneys General (CWAG). This top website honor is given by CWAG after a site is examined for excellence in “design, ease of content, ease of access, attention to the interests of the consumer, professionalism and use of technology.” The CWAG committee awarded the Nebraska Attorney General’s site based on its ease of navigation, clear design, and creative layout. 

In addition, the committee commended the “Dose of Reality” microsite as a powerful extension. “Dose of Reality” is an initiative to prevent abuse of prescription painkillers.  

In response to winning the award, Attorney General Peterson said, “It is the goal for the AGO website to reach across the state, providing understanding and extension of the mission of our office as we serve Nebraskans.”