Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

AG Hilgers Files Lawsuit Against Pool Company for Stranding Homeowners with Unfinished Pool Pits & Seeking to Gag Consumer Complaints

Lincoln--Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers has filed a lawsuit against Stanger Enterprises, LLC, aka "Premier Pools and Spas." Premier Pools has extracted large sums of money by deceiving Nebraska homeowners and sought to unlawfully stifle consumer complaints. The company's brazen pattern of deceptive and unfair business practices has left Nebraska homeowners with dangerous, ugly unfinished pits in their yards and without the refund or return of the significant sums paid to Premier Pools. 
Attorney General Mike Hilgers emphasized the need to act, stating, “Nebraskans expect and deserve to work with honest and ethical companies, and our office will take action against those companies that use deceptive means to unfairly pocket Nebraskans’ hard-earned money. Today’s action sends a clear message: our office will not tolerate unlawful efforts to gag consumers from raising complaints with the Nebraska Attorney General."
The lawsuit unveils a litany of troubling practices by Premier Pools:
  • Deceptive Payment Scheme: Premier Pools collects advanced payments via deceptive representations and then abandons its responsibilities, funneling the project money elsewhere.
  • Misleading Marketing: Premier Pools markets its pools and pool services using deceptive and false representations about the quality and performance of its services. 
  • Unsafe Neglect: Premier Pools has stranded consumers with hazardous empty pits and unkempt worksites for extended periods, putting Nebraska homeowners, their families, pets, and others at risk. 
  • Refund Refusal: Customer grievances and pleas for refunds are ignored and evaded despite many consumers needing refunds in order to hire alternative pool builders to finish and fix the job.
  • Gagging Consumers: Premier Pools employs unlawful tactics by embedding restrictive gag clauses in its contracts and by acting in retaliation towards consumers who complain. 
The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska. The complaint alleges that Premier Pools has violated the Consumer Protection Act, the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and the Consumer Review Fairness Act.
The Attorney General's Office is seeking comprehensive redress, including restitution for affected consumers, civil penalties, revocation of licenses, injunctive relief, and other equitable measures to hold Premier Pools accountable for its unlawful behavior and prevent future harm. 
For more information or to file a complaint related to this case, consumers can contact the Nebraska Attorney General's Office.
The Nebraska Attorney General's Office is responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws and advocating for the interests of Nebraska consumers. We work to ensure a fair, honest, and safe marketplace for residents of the state.