Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Buddy: A Digital Citizen

Buddy A Digital Citizen

Hi, my name is Buddy! I enjoy playing games with my friends on the Internet and looking up things as well. There are cool places to explore on the Internet, but it is a big space to navigate all on your own. This is why I am learning how to be a good digital citizen. What does that mean? Well, a citizen is a part of a larger community. It is good if you have people to encourage you to be safe while using the Internet. I share some of my advice in the videos below on how I’m learning to be safe and kind online.  


Digital Citizenship

Hi there! My name is Buddy. I’m here to introduce what it means to be a digital citizen.


Meeting People

I wanted to share some tips about meeting people online.


Being Kind

I want to tell you about the importance of being kind online.


Difficult Situations

I share what to do when you see something online that makes you feel confused, lost, or lonely.


Personal Actions

I always try and remember that things on the internet last forever.