Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General


Nebraska is fortunate to have a population of mature citizens living across our state who bring their years of experience and insight to their families, neighbors and communities. Our seniors provide the rich thread that holds the fabric of Nebraska together and makes a stronger, and more deeply-rooted place to work and raise our children.
With the advancement of years should come the honor earned from not only accomplishments and contributions of a lifetime, but wisdom gained from a life well-lived. Sadly, it can be at this very point of time, of deserved retirement or change of season, when seniors may find themselves a target. A target of unfortunate treatment by those who would take advantage of any vulnerability which may come with the challenges of advancing age.
The Attorney General’s Office actively advocates for the protection of vulnerable adults directly through the daily work of our office. We have attorneys, investigators, and a Consumer Affairs Response Team all dedicating time towards responding to and serving the needs of seniors.
Our Consumer Protection Bureau understands scam artists across the country and around the world attempt to defraud Nebraskans, and especially seniors, every day. Elder fraud is more than a frustration and nuisance. It is a real threat that is impacting not only quality but also length of life. Should you or a loved one experience uncertainty, have feelings of fear or concern, or just wish to pose a question, please call either our Consumer Affairs Response Team (402) 471-2682 and let us be of service. For additional educational information on how to protect our seniors, please visit us at ProtectTheGoodLife.Nebraska.gov.