Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Zachary Mueller Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for 1st Degree Murder

Today in Morrill County, Zachary Mueller of Bridgeport, Nebraska, was sentenced to life imprisonment for a conviction of 1st Degree Murder, a term of 20-40 years for the offense of using a firearm to commit the murder, and 20-40 years for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  All sentences will run consecutively to each other. 
This sentence is the result of a conviction for a murder wherein Pedro Adrian Dominguez of Greeley, Colorado, was shot in a vehicle outside of Bridgeport on November 23, 2015.  Mr. Dominguez’ body was put into a barrel and Mueller disposed of the barrel in a small creek west of Bridgeport.  A landowner along the creek found the barrel which led to the discovery of Mr. Dominguez’ body.  
The investigation was conducted by the Morrill County Sheriff’s office with some assistance by the Nebraska State Patrol.  The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Doug Warner, and County Attorney Travis Rodack.