Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Statement of the Attorney General Regarding the Whiteclay Decision

Lincoln – Today the Nebraska Supreme Court published its decision in Kozal v. Nebraska Liquor Control Commission effectively upholding the Commission’s denial of the liquor license renewal applications of the four liquor stores in Whiteclay, Nebraska.  The Supreme Court determined that it lacked jurisdiction over the appeal because the Lancaster County District Court first lacked jurisdiction. Further appeal under the Administrative Procedure Act is no longer viable for the storeowners.  The result is that the four liquor stores in Whiteclay will remain without liquor licenses.   
In response to the decision, Attorney General Doug Peterson stated, “Having properly applied the law, the Nebraska Supreme Court rightly vacated the District Court’s order regarding the Whiteclay liquor licenses.  I commend the work of Solicitor General Jim Smith and Assistant Attorney General Milissa Johnson-Wiles in this case. Today’s decision affords an opportunity to write a hopeful chapter in the story of Whiteclay.”