Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Shared Hope Gives Nebraska Highest Grade for Combatting Human Trafficking

This week, Shared Hope International released their annual scorecard report where all fifty states are graded on their effectiveness in combating human trafficking. The State of Nebraska raised its grade given by Shared Hope International from a B to A this year for its laws against sex trafficking of children.  Nebraska has made great strides since 2011 when the state received a grade of F.  Today, Nebraska is one of only six states to have improved four grades since 2011.   

Each year, Shared Hope International, a nonprofit that seeks to address sex trafficking, scores each state’s laws on a variety of factors, from criminal provisions for traffickers to protective provisions for child victims. Recent improvements that led to Nebraska’s improved grade include changes to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ protocol regarding juvenile sex trafficking victims as well as changes in state law to authorize wiretaps for human trafficking investigations. 

“This is the result of teamwork.  The Legislature has provided improved laws in efforts to deter traffickers and protect victims.  The Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force partners have worked hard to address trafficking across Nebraska,” Attorney General Doug Peterson stated. “I am proud of our state and am grateful for the tools we now have to confront human trafficking in Nebraska.”  

The Nebraska Report Card 2019 is available online at Shared Hope International’s website. Other state report cards are also available at