Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Human Trafficking Victims Civil Remedy Act

Today, Attorney General Doug Peterson will be joined by a number of experts in the field of social work, law enforcement and victim services to communicate the tragedy of trafficking. They will be testifying before the Judiciary Committee in the State Capitol.
At the request of the Attorney General, Senator Jim Scheer from Norfolk has introduced LB294. The bill is co-sponsored by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks from Lincoln.
The Human Trafficking Victims Civil Remedy Act (LB294) will change and adopt provisions relating to service of process, sexual assault, crimes relating to morals, human trafficking, search warrants, juveniles, intercepted communications, and forfeiture of assets.
The recovery of assets will be held in order to provide support and services to victims of human trafficking.
“The tragedy of human trafficking is global in scope but is not foreign to Nebraska,” said Attorney General Peterson.
In 2012, Nebraska established the Governor’s Task Force to study and recommend solutions for combating human trafficking of vulnerable citizens in our state. LB294 contains the recommendations identified and adopted by the Task Force.
Today’s testimony will include narrative insight into the actual lives impacted through the destruction of trafficking.