Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Drug Overdose Awareness Week

In recognition of Drug Overdose Awareness Week, Attorney General Doug Peterson will be visiting Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare at 800 N. 27th Street in Lincoln to encourage Nebraskans to dispose of their leftover medications.

 “Substance abuse of any kind is devastating to our communities and families,” the Attorney General stated. “Unfortunately, opioid and prescription drug abuse is becoming a nationwide epidemic.”

Each year, over 289 million prescriptions for painkillers are written in the United States.1 The widespread use of prescription painkillers results in addiction, emergency room visits, and overdose deaths throughout the country. 

Many people do not understand that taking someone else’s prescription medication, even for its intended purpose, is considered misuse.

"Many people who abuse prescription drugs get them from their friends or relatives,” Peterson said. "This is why disposing of unused prescription drugs is so important.” 

Every day is take back day in Nebraska, which makes Drug Overdose Awareness Week a good reminder to dispose of your leftover meds.

To find a disposal site near you, check with your pharmacy or go to

For more information about how prescription drug abuse affects Nebraskans, visit


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