Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General's Priority Legislation Signed by Governor Pillen

LINCOLN—In the concluding days of the 2024 Session, Attorney General Mike Hilgers thanks the sponsoring Senators and Legislature for strengthening protections for vulnerable Nebraskans who have been exploited.
"I am grateful for the Legislature’s unanimous vote in favor of our office's priority bills to protect Nebraskans. I am especially grateful to Senator Bosn and Senator Armendariz for their leadership in successfully carrying these bills. As a result, our office will be better able to protect Nebraskans from financial exploitation and stand up for survivors of sex trafficking, abuse, and assault,” stated Attorney General Hilgers. 
Senator Carolyn Bosn sponsored and prioritized LB934 to strengthen the Attorney General's ability to protect Nebraskans who have been financially exploited. Nebraskans who get scammed or otherwise deceived deserve the best opportunity to get their money back. This bill allows the Attorney General to impound or freeze stolen money or assets, increasing the likelihood that consumers get made whole. The bill also harmonizes Nebraska’s two main consumer protection statutes and allows for consumer claims to be heard by juries. 
Senator Christy Armendariz sponsored LB1096 to combat the proliferation of child exploitation, human trafficking, and sexual assault content online, with the primary goal of standing up for survivors. LB1096 allows the Attorney General to hold online actors and platforms accountable for purveying sexual abuse content, including content that exploits children and trafficking survivors. The bill is a continuation of the ongoing partnership between the Legislature, the Attorney General, and the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force.
On March 19, the Legislature amended LB1096 into LB934. On April 10, 2024, this combined priority bill passed 46-0. Governor Jim Pillen signed LB 934 into law on April 15, 2024. Because the bill has an Emergency Clause, the law goes into effect on the day of the Governor's signature.
Nebraskans can report financial exploitation and exploitative content directly to the Consumer Affairs Response Team in the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office at 402-471-2682.