Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Peterson Joins Effort to Stop Biden from Undermining Women’s Equal Opportunities

Lincoln – Attorney General Peterson is joining a multistate coalition demanding that President Joe Biden stop plans to undermine protections for women contained in federal law.
Biden is proposing sweeping changes to Title IX of the Education Amendments that would dramatically diminish provisions intended to protect women by expanding the law to include gender identity. The damaging ramifications of adopting Biden’s Proposal were recently demonstrated by the highly publicized case of Lia Thomas, a biological male who identifies as a woman and was allowed to dominate in the women’s NCAA Division I national swimming championship. 
“The majority of us female athletes, or females in general, really, are not okay with this, and they’re not okay with the trajectory of this and how this is going and how it could end up in a few years,” stated Kentucky Swimmer Riley Gaines, who swam against Thomas in the 200-yard freestyle NCAA swimming championships.
The letter states: “The Biden Administration’s Title IX revisions will end sex-based protections for biological women in sports, which threatens the safety of female athletes and will lead directly to the demise of women’s sports and regression in the progress of women generally."
“The Biden Administration’s insistence on redefining ‘sex’ in Title IX ignores science. In so doing, it will walk back decades of progress for women in sports. Not only that, the misguided move to gut Title IX’s protections greatly increases risks of concussive injuries for girls and women in contact and combat sports,” the letter continues.
The coalition is led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and includes 18 attorneys general.