Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Hilgers Warns Nebraskans about Recent Tech Support Scam

LINCOLN – Attorney General Mike Hilgers is issuing a consumer alert for Nebraskans to be wary of tech support scams. Multiple consumers have been recently scammed with pop-up warnings on computers with a number to call for tech support. The pop-up messages may claim that your computer or bank account has been hacked. These warnings may claim to come from major tech firms but are actually from scammers.

Here are some red flags to look for to help you recognize a tech support scam: 

  • Tech support scammers always contact you first. If you receive an unsolicited warning on your computer, do not reply or click on any links, and do not call any unsolicited customer support number. 
  • They pressure you to stay on the phone and offer to transfer you to your “bank” versus allowing you to contact your bank on your own.
  • Scammers often ask you to install remote access applications on your computer.
  • They pressure you not to tell anyone or ask for advice. 
  • Scammers may even suggest that government agencies or the police will get involved if you do not comply and often threaten legal action or arrest. 
  • They ask for payments in forms that are hard to reverse, like gift cards, wire transfers, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or payment apps. Reputable companies will not ask for payment using these methods.

If you are concerned about the safety of your financial accounts, contact your financial institution directly or visit a branch in person. Similarly, if you have concerns about an issue with your computer or electronic device, seek out a local reputable tech support business directly or in person.

If you need assistance or additional information on protecting yourself, please visit our website to request a consumer protection kit or call 402-471-2682.