Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Hilgers Joins 18-State AG Coalition Against the Biden Administration’s Proposal that Would Increase Household Appliance Costs

Attorney General Hilgers signed a letter Friday along with 17 other Attorneys General commenting on the Biden Administration’s proposal to impose new energy efficiency standards on refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and freezers. The new standards, if implemented by the federal Department of Energy, would increase the cost of essential household appliances and override Nebraska’s ability to regulate those appliances at the state level.
“The Biden Administration continues its ideologically motivated attack on household products that make a difference in the lives of Americans—first it was gas stoves and now refrigerators. These efforts, based on weak science, have dubious legal justifications. My office will continue to stand for the Constitution and for Nebraskan consumers. We are proud to join this effort to push back on the Administration’s unjustified attack on American kitchens,” stated Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers.
A copy of the letter is available here.