Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Hilgers Announces Senior Staff Additions

Lincoln--Attorney General Mike Hilgers is pleased to report new additions to the Attorney General's Office.
Joshua Shasserre is the Office’s new Deputy Attorney General for Public Affairs. Shasserre will be the Attorney General’s primary liaison with the Nebraska Legislature and other federal, state, and local government officials. Josh serves as the point of contact for entities and agencies, including the Board of Pardons, the Crime Commission, and the Records Board. Shasserre has served in the Attorney General's Office since 2015 and previously worked in the Legislature as a legislative aide.
Suzanne Geist is beginning her service in the Nebraska Department of Justice as Chief Advisor to the Attorney General. Geist will be the chief policy advisor to the Attorney General while overseeing numerous initiatives and priorities of the Attorney General. Prior to joining the office, Geist served District 25 as a member of the Nebraska Legislature from 2017 to 2023, completing her time in the Unicameral as Chair of Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. As a State Senator, she served on numerous committees including, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Executive Board, Corrections Oversight, and Child Welfare Contract Special Investigative and Oversight Committees. She also served as the Chair of the Performance Audit Committee.
"I am excited to announce these changes, as they bolster our ability to serve and interact with the Legislature and serve Nebraskans. Josh has extensive experience with the legislative process, has established relationships with senators and their staff, and his focus in this role will benefit both this office as well as the Legislature," stated Attorney General Mike Hilgers. "I am thrilled to add Suzanne Geist to our talented team. I served with former Senator Geist for six years, and she was a trusted colleague and friend. Suzanne has deep policy expertise, with a particular focus on criminal justice and sentencing issues. She has established relationships with law enforcement and other critical stakeholders, and I look forward to working with her in this new role."