Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Hilgers Announces Issuance of Refunds to Customers of Red Way Airline

Attorney General Hilgers today announces that consumers who purchased Red Way tickets for flights out of the Lincoln Airport that were later cancelled should be receiving full refunds, that are currently being processed. 
Following the cessation of Red Way Airlines at the end of August, our office received numerous complaints from customers who still needed to be refunded for their cancelled Red Way flights. In October, the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office opened an official investigation into the consumer funds with the goal of getting consumers their money back.
“When it became apparent that the refunds were getting roadblocked by a business dispute, our office stepped in to ensure those refunds were processed efficiently and quickly,” said Attorney General Hilgers, “Getting consumers their hard-earned money back is a top priority for our office. Nebraska consumers deserve fair commercial transactions, which includes receiving refunds in a reasonable timeframe and manner.” 
The refunds are being processed individually, and the process may take a few days. Our office recommends that Red Way customers check with their card carrier to ensure their refund was processed. As with any card refund, it may not be reflected in your account immediately. Consumers should also be receiving a confirmation that a refund has been issued. If consumers have questions or concerns, they are welcome to reach out to our Consumer Affairs Response Team at 402-471-2682 or toll-free statewide at 1-800-727-6432.