Doug Peterson

Nebraska Attorney General

Ag Peterson Warns Gas Stations of Dangerous Synthetic Drug Products

Lincoln—State Attorney Generals across the United States have signed a letter sent to oil companies to alert them of the abuse and distribution of synthetic drug products at gas stations and convenience stores operating under the brand names of their companies and selling synthetic drugs that are illegal and dangerous. 

Young people are particularly adversely impacted by this accessibility. The drugs are designed to evade existing state and federal drug laws. Nebraska has actively been battling this concern for several years.

The health consequences associated with taking synthetic drugs can be devastating and lethal. Manufacturers of synthetic drugs seek to evade state and federal law by creating chemical compounds not yet specifically regulated or prohibited in the United States. 

In Nebraska, the Attorney General is helping law enforcement to better define the components of synthetic drugs to strengthen the enforcement and provide protection to the state. LB326 will be before the Judiciary Committee in the coming weeks.

National Attorney Generals, including Nebraska’s AG Doug Peterson, are calling on companies to address this disturbing problem and encouraging immediate implementation of prohibiting the sale of synthetic drugs, improved understanding by store franchisees about the synthetic drugs, instruction and communication between franchisees and employees, and reporting to local law enforcement.