Mike Hilgers

Nebraska Attorney General

Attorney General Consumer Warning


Attorney General Mike Hilgers is warning consumers that many THC-containing products sold in Nebraska may be dangerous for human consumption for the following reasons:
1. Unknown production processes – The creation of delta-8 and other novel synthetic variations of THC currently being sold in Nebraska requires the use of chemical synthesis involving caustic chemicals, reagents, and catalysts. They are often produced in an unregulated environment using chemical reactions that can leave strong acids, heavy metals, or other unknown or undesirable byproducts in the final product. These products may also include mold or pesticides. The resulting new variations of THC, along with their byproducts and compounds, have not been tested for safety or efficacy for human consumption. Even so, these products are being sold for consumption as edibles or drinkables, and for inhalation as vapes or blunts. Products containing synthetically-produced THC, such as delta-8 THC, have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for safe use in any context.
2. Mislabeling – THC-containing products are often mislabeled and may contain significantly more or less of a substance listed or include substances not listed at all. There is generally no way to know, based on the label, exactly what compounds you may be ingesting or inhaling. A consumer cannot predict either the intoxicating effects or the negative health consequences when using these THC-containing products.
3. Unknown health effects – Data has shown that use of these synthetically produced THCs and their analogues can have significant negative health effects, including loss of consciousness, severe respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, and other serious health issues, some of which require hospitalization. Vaping some THC-containing products may produce ketene, which can lead to EVALI, a potentially fatal lung injury.
4. Danger to children – Many of these products are packaged in a manner that may be attractive to children, including edible products that are made to look like popular items found in any convenience store. Children may consume these products unknowingly, mistaking them for familiar food products. Across the nation, including in Nebraska, children have been hospitalized for THC poisoning from ingesting these products.









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