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Demand An End is a public awareness campaign that addresses child sex trafficking. The campaign focuses on the supply and demand model of trafficking by targeting those who purchase sex with minors.
This campaign is one of the ways the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office and the State of Nebraska are actively fighting sex trafficking of minors. It capitalizes on the momentum of LB 289, a law that increased the penalties of those who are involved in sex trafficking and now holds buyers responsible, penalizing them as traffickers. 
Demand An End brings this crime out of the shadows, warning buyers of sex with minors that they may face severe consequences for participating in this crime.
Demand An End initiative specifically advances the objectives of the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force (NHTTF), spearheaded in 2016 by the Attorney General, and led by an Assistant Attorney General who serves as Coordinator. Child sex trafficking exists in Nebraska due to a tragic cycle of supply and demand – the supply being children who are abused and exploited at a young age, and the demand coming from individuals seeking to buy minors for sex. To end demand, Nebraskans must stop exploitation and stop purchasers by raising awareness about this crime.  
The campaign will launch in a range of locations, including all state rest stops along I-80. A heat map of Nebraska’s commercial sex market produced by the Human Trafficking Initiative shows the most activity occurs along this major thoroughfare. Targeting the interstate allows for a large cross-section of Nebraskans to be reached. It also brings awareness to those traveling in and through our state that trafficking will not be tolerated.


Demand an End


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Posters are available for partnering organizations to print and post in their local libraries, recreation centers, truck stops, or places of business. The campaign will also be promoted by partnering members through their newsletters and magazines as well as their social media platforms. The Office of the Attorney General created a YouTube channel to host the Demand An End PSA and to support the distribution. 
If you or your organization would like to become a campaign partner, please contact Suzanne Gage at (402) 471-2656 or

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