Contact the Nebraska Attorney General

The Nebraska Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General's Office is located in the Nebraska State Capitol Building on the 2nd floor, room 2115.

          Office of the Attorney General
          2115 State Capitol
          Lincoln, NE 68509

For General Comments, Concerns or Inquiries:

          Phone:  (402) 471-2683
          Fax:  (402) 471-3297

To File a Constituent Complaint: click here     

For Legal Documents and Notices (other than legal documents, notices, and court filings where service in a specified manner is required by law or court rule):


For Consumer Protection Division Services:
Mediation Center Phone:  (402) 471-2682 (local); (800) 727-6432 (toll free); (888) 850-7555 (En Español); (888) 287-0778 (Senior)
To File a Consumer Complaint:  click here
For Consumer Protection Division Homepage:  click here
Email for Consumer Inquiries (Non-Complaints):  


How Do I File a Complaint?

Depending on the type of complaint you have, please click on the appropriate form below, and provide our office the requested information.  Please note all printed forms must be mailed to the mailing address listed above.  After your completed complaint form is received, it will be reviewed to ensure your complaint falls within our jurisdiction. If your complaint is under the jurisdiction of another state or federal agency, it will be forwarded to that agency for you.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. To file a complaint or contact us about: