Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Division protects Nebraskans from unfair and deceptive trade practices, ensures fair competition between businesses, and is responsible for oversight of charitable assets.  The Consumer Protection Division accomplishes this through: (1) consumer education, (2) mediation of consumer complaints, and (3) enforcement.

Consumer Education

An important way the Consumer Protection Division can protect consumers is to help them protect themselves.  We provide information on consumer topics including identity theft, Internet safety, and general fraud. We alert consumers to current issues by utilizing statewide and local media sources, issuing press releases or alerts when necessary.  We also refer consumers to other agencies or organizations that may be able to help them.  In addition, we provide educational community outreach by speaking directly to community organizations and offering information at booths or expos.  Please call our Outreach Coordinator at (402) 471-3878 to request a speaker.  For consumer protection publications, see Helpful Consumer Links below.

Mediation of Consumer Complaints

Our office offers mediation of disputes that a Nebraska consumer may have with a business through our Consumer Mediation Center. To resolve differences, mediation relies on the voluntary cooperation of both the consumer and the business. The mediation process is started by filing a Consumer Complaint with our office. The mediator, who is independent and neutral, acts as a "go between" for the consumer and the business.  Disputes can often be resolved as a result of the mediation process.  However, if the parties don’t reach a resolution through mediation, they may choose to go through the legal process to have a judge or jury decide their differences. Upon that time, the consumer may need to hire a private attorney.  Please note that the Attorney General's Office cannot represent or provide legal advice to individuals.  Furthermore, all complaints must be reviewed to determine proper jurisdiction. If a complaint filed with our office is under the jurisdiction of another state or federal agency, it will be forwarded to the appropriate agency and the consumer will be notified.

To File a Consumer Complaint:  click here.


The Consumer Protection Division enforces state and federal laws that safeguard against deceptive, fraudulent, and unfair business practices. Taking legal action, when appropriate, is necessary to protect Nebraskans and to show that violations will not be tolerated.